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The Dark Side Of Bianca Ojukwu

By Helen Mukoro
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Self serving rather than a servant of the people, the concept of Bianca Odimegwu Ojukwu being a "Non-Career Ambassador" to Spain, first is critical to staying to the "True North".

Nigerian Ambassadors who have tasted success soon may come to a realisation that they made it all happened and without them the Embassy is lost.

Former Ambassador Ojukwu did not taste success, she taught she knew it all and no one can do it better, its time she remember that the Biafrans opened an illegal Embassy in Spain when she served as Ambassador and she did not raise a red flag to them.

Going back to basics on why she was appionted as an Ambassador, is necessary for her to stay true to the cause, Chapter 1 (General Provisions) Art. 2. (1) Nigerian Constitution ''Nigeria is one indivisible and indissoluble sovereign state to be known by the name of the Federal Republic of Nigeria''.

Her misadventure and unwillingness to act was her courage to break the Nigerian law and getting away without notice, a continued practice of exploitation of unseen weaknesses of the system and environment, till it becomes too big to hide. Why did the Biafrans open their illegal Embassy in Spain? why did they do so when she served as ambassador? who is behind them?. Her dark side at the Nigerian Embassy in Madrid, unmasked.

Ambassador Ojukwu started drifting away from the country she claimed to serve, the day she failed to raise the red flag to the illegal Biafran Embassy that was opened in Spain on February 28th, 2015 by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Director of Radio Biafra, London, it was her beginning of the end as a non-career ambassador.

I wonder if this is about how she served Nigeria, and if this would be a good candidate or appiontment of anyone going for responsibility. Her appiontment as Ambassador was a standing joke apparently in Nigerian Constitution. She owe her obligations to the Nigerian community as a whole.

I do believe that Ojukwu lose her way when she did not raise the red flag to the illegal Biafran Embassy in Spain, and she need to come back down to earth.

Nigeria NewsLive Newspaper, report ''The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Saturday Feb. 28th opened a Biafran embassy at the Basque county in Victoria, Spain, the same country where ex-beauty queen and wife of Biafran warlord, late Odimegwu Ojukwu, Bianca is currently Nigeria's Ambassador''. Nigerian NewsLive.

Here's another publication by Newsweek Newspaper Nigeria to prove it. ''IPOB currently has an embassy in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the capital of the Basque Country in northern Spain, which opened in February 2015. IPOB’s head of directorate of state, Uchenna Asiegbu, heads up the Biafran embassy in Spain. Asiegbu tells Newsweek that a number of countries—including Sweden, Russia, Canada, the U.S. and Australia—are on the shortlist as potential destinations for the next embassy. “We are looking to two or three countries but we have not made up our minds,” he says. “In some months to come, we will be making that decision.”Asiegbu adds that the Basque Country was chosen as the location for the first IPOB embassy because of its history as the site of a struggle for independence. The Basque Country was afforded the status of an autonomous community in the Spanish Constitution of 1978 and has since been mired in a bloody bid for freedom from Spain, led by the armed group Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA). “In the Basque region, they believe in freedom, they value freedom, they value human integrity,” says Asiegbu. “That is why we chose the Basque region.”Newsweek Nigeria Report

The Nigerian Embassy in Spain is aware of this statement and publication, why did they not a raise flag to it?. Until Nigerians begin to look in a mirror and be honest about what they see in return, this problem will exist and disturb the growth of Nigeria in all aspects.

The Spanish government did not authorise an illegal Biafran Embassy in Spain, our authorities were taken for granted ''the Biafrans in Spain asked for an association that operated as an illegal Embassy or terrorist group'', now we know, the illegal Embassy no longer exist in Spain, the Spanish government has pulled it out.

All Africa Newspaper, report ''On appointment of non-career Ambassadors. 'A retired diplomat, Ambassador Sulaiman Dahiru said "I want to see more of the nominee to be career diplomats. But if we are to consider political appointment, we shouldn't have more than 25%. "Having more non-career ambassadors at the foreign missions is not good for the country because they don't have the experience. The diplomatic work would be more of a learning process for them. And a career diplomat who is more experienced in diplomacy may not like to work under someone (non-career diplomat) without any experience. It is a psychological issue." All Africa Newspaper.

Ojukwu, her failure is about lack of experience? but there are too many cases where Bianca's ego dominates and the feeling of being "above the law" flows in, here's a clear example, she wrote a letter to the Spanish Electoral Commission asking them to drop my candidacy when I contested for Mayor, May 2015, just because I wrote a book about the bad practice that takes place at the gate of the Embassy ''A TRADE OF SHAME''. Diplomats collect bribe before rendering Consular services to nationals.

A career Ambassador will understand that Nigerian government has no power to rule, dictate or oblige the Spanish Independent Electoral Commission to drop my candidacy because I am a Spanish citizen contesting for a political position in Spain not Nigeria.

Westphalian sovereignty is the principle of international law that each nation state has sovereignty over its territory and domestic affairs, to the exclusion of all external powers, on the principle of non-interference in another country's domestic affairs, and that each state (no matter how large or small) is equal in international law. International-relation theorists have identified several key principles of the Peace of Westphalia, which explain the Peace's significance and its effect on the world today: Ojukwu's action could be discribed as a forcible intervention by one country ''Nigeria'' in the domestic affairs of another ''Spain''.

There are no excuses on why she wanted to give orders to the Spanish Independent Electoral Commission, on why she did not raise a red flag to the Biafrans and why she allowed bribery to flow at the gate of the Nigerian Embassy in Madrid. The fact that some Nigerian Ambassadors "do" and some Ambassadors "dont" means that it is a matter of personal behaviour and choice.

Ojukwu's wrongdoings speak to her character. If she can not exercise loyalty to Nigeria ''Biafra Embassy Spain' continous bribery at the gate of the Embassy'', how can she expect the Spanish government to exercise loyalty to documents endorsed for money at the Embassy. As a result of this shameful act, all documents endorsed at the Nigerian Embassy in Madrid is rejected by the Spanish authorities.

Nigerians are facing challenges here in Spain, since 2012, to obtain a resident permit, a Police Criminal Report issued in Nigeria is one of the requirements, which must be endorsed at the Spanish Consulate in Lagos, and to get married, Nigerians are facing the same tale, a Spinster or a Bachelor certificate required by Spanish authorities must be be issued in Nigeria and endorsed by the Spanish Consulate in Lagos.

What did former Ambassador Ojukwu do to remedy this situation before the Spanish government, what did she do to build trust regarding the bad image of the Nigerian Embassy in Spain? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The shame, however, is that this event ruined her diplomatic career. Point is, in every illegal or unethical predicament, the costs vastly exceed the benefits.

A good Ambassador is sum total of lots of legal, academic background, experience and moral stuff, which the down level people at the Embassy try to copy it and demonstrate it to become one like that in some point in life. The staff are brave and intelligent enough to see thru the diplomat ''Ojukwu'' and if she lacks legal and moral values, its a matter of time to pull her down by any member of staff. The fall from such a position would be definitly devastating. A clear example, Ojukwu decided to play a dirty game, illegal and inherently immoral, she led an offensive attack against me, just because I wrote a book about the bribery and corruption at the Nigeria Embassy in Madrid.

Ojukwu ordered Mr NZE NNAMDI, the Consul, to make public my renunciation of Nigerian citizenship, which was later published on Nigerian Masterweb by MR UCHENDU PRECIOUS ONUOHA, he is not a staff at the Embassy, a lame man on the street, who work as a luggage pusher at the Spanish airport, had access to official document at the Embassy. Why did Bianca Ojukwu go that far? Where is her diplomacy? Why did she publish my renunciation of Nigerian citizenship? was it not unlawful in the face of the Nigeria Constitution for her to do so?.

The conduct of Former Ambassador Ojukwu on Abuse of Power is not those factored in the Nigerian Constitution and don`t get reflected in the Balance Sheets of any country. She has been on the slippery slope for some time doing evil to me and supporting the illegal Biafran Embassy in Spain? It is only that, one fine day, a bigger fall happens and she was fired from the Embassy, and could not get away with her fallacies all the time.

No matter what light she wants to put in her defense, not one excuse will convince the Nigeria government, I hold with the simple principle that she failed as Ambassador, that her failure is not legally acceptable, that she did not "lost her way" rather she made a choice and are legally and morally bad. It is her responsibility to maintain her integrity and she obviously failed to do so.

While most Ambassadors value fair compensation for their accomplishments, Ojukwu start out seeking only power, and prestige. Surrounded by Uchendu Precious Onouha and Nze Nnamdi, an airport trolley sycophant and a Consul who tell her only what she want to hear. Over time, they were unable to engage her in honest dialogue. Along the way, the rewards—newspaper articles, perks, and stock appreciation—fuel her increasing desires for more.

Nigeria Masterweb Newspaper, report ''Uchendu Precious Onuoha was on November 7, 2015 given award of honor as Nigeria’s Exemplary Citizen by the Nigerian embassy Spain by Her Excellency Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu'' by Nigeria Masterweb.

Onuoha, after carrying out Ojukwu's orders by writing to call on the igbos to wage an ethnic war against me, and for publishing my letter of renunciation of Nigerian citizenship, he was rewarded. YES - From trolley roller at the airport in Madrid to award bagger and Bianca's back door media aide. Work for benefit. Shameful.

Nze Nnamdi, former Consul at Nigerian Embassy in Madrid. Meet the diplomat, Ojukwu's right hand, who handled the letter of my renunciation of Nigerian Citizenship to a lame man on the street to publish. Did Nnamdi weigh the consecuences of handling official documents at the Embassy to a non-staff? ¿Did he weigh the implications of publishing official documents entrusted to the Embassy by nationals, classified by the Nigerian government as protected documents? ¿Did Ojukwu use her connection in his appiontment as a diplomat?.

Sahara Reporters Nigeria, report ''The Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama When asked about deficiencies of Nigerian embassies and consulates across the globe, Mr. Onyeama cited flawed, "unscientific" recruitment and hiring practices as a major source of the problem. He explained that in the past, staff were chosen based on connections rather than merit, resulting in poor management of embassies and consulates. To improve the recruiting process, Mr. Onyeama said he wants to grant positions to "people who are motivated and have a sense of responsibility" and rid the embassies of employees not qualified for their positions'' Sahara Reporters

Ojukwu was appionted as Ambassador to Spain in 2012, did she make any impact in Spain? NO. She failed. here's the memory to prove it:

Investment: According to official data by ICEX Spain, the flow of Spanish gross investment in Nigeria, to the last date for which we have data, are null since 2012, the accumulated between January and March 2015, it reached 4,810 €.

The investment flow of Nigeria in Spain, reached € 3,100 in 2012, 7,600 € in 2013, was nil in 2014 and 865,930 euros in January-March 2015.

Exports: With the loss of purchasing power that has hit Nigeria with falling oil prices and the depreciation of its currency, Nigeria has fallen from 63rd to 68th position as a customer of Spain in 2015.

Tourism: According to data from UN Service Trade, Spanish tourism in Nigeria is virtually nonexistent and no data on the Nigerian tourism in Spain.

Ojukwu's failure will be there as long as she refuse to learn to accept failures, disent and lastly, has keen observation, learning ability and uncanny reasoning to acccept mistakes for larger good.

She imposed her will on the Spanish Independent Electoral Comission, the very day she sent an official letter, asking them to drop my candidacy for criticising her role at the Embassy, even out to destroy me for writing a book that stand in her way.

She may be paranoid that I am trying to knock her off her pedestal, an impostor complex, caused by deep insecurities that she isn't good enough and may be unmasked. To prove she isn't impostor, she drove so hard for perfection that she is incapable of acknowledging her failures. When confronted by them, she was convinced that the the illegal Biafran Embassy in Madrid, the refusal of Spanish authorities to accept documents endorsed at the Embassy during her tenure in office and the bribery that often takes place at the gate are neither her fault nor her responsibility.

Lives and futures in Nigeria are at stake due to the illegal Biafran Embassy that opened in Spain when she served as Ambassador, and these consequences are far greater than a diplomatic career. Should we not start by developing and grooming the right Ambassadors to view themselves honestly (i.e., the good, the bad and the ugly) to build the character and resolve that will sustain them, the country they serve and those around them in their lives and the way in which they live it. What separates good Ambassadors from bad ones are the morals by which they live, so indeed, those who lose their way (especially legal and moral way) are bad Ambassadors.

Helen Idisi Mukoro, 2016 Spanish Presidential Candidate Writes from Spain.

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Helen Mukoro and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."