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The Power Holding Company of Nigeria has commenced the rehabilitation of the Afam I-V power plant in Rivers State, the Group Executive Director in charge of Operations of the company, Mr. John Ayodele, has said.

Speaking with our correspondent on the telephone on Monday, Ayodele confirmed that Siemens, the German company handling the rehabilitation of the plant, had mobilised to site.

He said, 'Siemens just arrived and they will carry out full diagnosis of the problem.

'The contractor was the problem, it was not from us. There was a security issue. The day they arrived last time, some expatriates working for another company were kidnapped. So they quickly called for a helicopter to take them out and it had been very difficult to convince them to come back.'

Afam I-V, which is owned by PHCN, has been out of operation for awhile but is expected to add 270 megawatts to the national grid when the rehabilitation is completed.

PHCN had promised to complete the rehabilitation of Afam I-V in November 2009 and hoped the 270 megawatts expected from the plant would add to the 6,000MW Presidential target set for December 2009.

Shell Petroleum Development Company had also claimed in October 2009 that 70 million standard cubic feet of gas per day was available at its Okoloma gas plant situated near the Afam power plant, but not being taken up by PHCN as the company was yet to rehabilitate Afam I-V power plant and utilise the gas.