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What are the best recovery results after Arthroscopy surgery in India ?

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The Arthroscopy surgery is a procedure performed through small incisions in the skin for repairing the injuries to the tissues such as a cartilage, bone, ligaments within the knee joint area or the shoulder. This surgery is conducted with the aid of an arthroscope, a very small instrument which is guided by a lighted scope attached to a monitor. Other instruments are inserted through three incisions around the knee.

Arthroscopy surgery ranges from minor procedures like flushing or smoothing the bone surfaces or tissue fragments related to osteoarthritis, to realigning a dislocated knee and ligament grafting surgeries. These represent different procedures, risks and aftercare requirements. The Arthroscopy surgery has clear benefits with fewer anesthetic, less cutting and less recovery time. However, the surgery requires a thorough examination of the causes of knee injury or pain before the surgery.

Arthroscopy surgery for the severe ligament damage or the knee displacement involves ligament grafting. In some cases, it includes taking the tissue from a tendon to use for graft and drill the holes in the femur or tibia or both. The aftercare includes using crutches for about six to eight weeks. A rehabilitation program will aim to strengthen your joints. The recovery times for resumed athletic activity are dependent on age and health of the patient. Your orthopaedic surgeon will carefully assess about the recovery and also the need for rehabilitation. There are some people who continue to experience pain and swelling even after the surgery, for them we have to carefully plan the rehabilitation so that they can follow them well.

The surgery is not very invasive and it takes only an hour or two for completion. You can likely return to back on the same day for recovery. You should use an ince pack on the knee and a dressing, it will help reduce the swelling and pain. At home, you should have someone to look after you for least the first few days. You should try to keep your leg elevated and put ice on it for a day or two, this will help reduce swelling and pain. You need to change the dressing, your doctor or surgeon will instruct you when to these things and for how long. You will need to see your surgeon for a probable follow-up appointment for a few days post surgery.

Your doctor will give you an exercise regimen to follow at home which will help your knees to recover. He/she will recommened to visit a physical therapist until you are able to use your knees normally. Performing these exercises will help restore your full range of motion by strengthening your muscles. With proper care, the best recovery result after Arthroscopy surgery in India can be obtained.

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