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There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel For Bayelsa—Gov Dickson

By Nwokedi Nworisara

Last Tuesday was the Monthly praise night for Bayelsa and it held with the usual pomp at the King of Glory Chapel , Government House YENAGOA. It served as a kind of watershed. An opportunity to reflect on the past and give hints of the future.

Bayelsa State has been going through its fair share of the national economic meltdown and the ubiquitous social media has been awash of brazen but a times unfair accusations and attacks directed at the Restoration government arising mainly from delayed salaries,something unheard of in these last four years of meritorious leadership of Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State.

So we are gathered here again to praise God for his mercies and the faces are expectant of hope when it gets to the governors address. Meanwhile the Choirs are attempting to outdo each other in competition of sonorous renditions. The colourful women of Bayelsa are undone as they express their joy at the occasion,dancing round the band.

It was almost as if it was a survival celebration for just recently with a crack economic team in place, some resolution has come over many a thorny salary issue. So the faces in the hall reflect real gratitude because Bayelsa had been worse hit compared to few other States being a civil servant State as some are won't to describe her. Then came a fiery pastor who delivered a powerful word announcing before hand all the blessings that await the State "this morning" Yes,inspite of his apologies,we got to learn much later that it was indeed morning yet (on creation day) for Bayelsa ;for joy they say comes in the morning.

When Governor Dickson ,who was making perhaps his first public appearance after receiving an Honorary Doctorate degree(Public Administration) of the Ekiti State University,mounted the alter,the appreciation of the crowd drowned everything else. Gov (Dr) Dickson was philosophical after leading the congregation to some rendition of choruses. As if to answer questions in the lips of many,he reminded Bayelsans that it was still the same leadership that allowed them to enjoy alerts in their bank accounts for 4 years that only just started defaulting in response to overwhelming economic downturn.Yes the same leadership could not just become an enemy overnight! He invited the people to reflect on the plight of the Israelites in the wilderness when Moses faced similar distrust but was not discouraged in the face of the billowing Red Sea when he commanded them to cross over assuring that the Egyptians you see today you shall see them no more... Now could you imagine what would have become of the nation of Israel were the Israelites to have disobeyed his command at that time? For Governor Dickson,there is light at the end of the tunnel for Bayelsa State. It is left for the citizens to fulfil their side of the bargain now that leadership Fiat has gone out that victory is sure.