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The Darkest Thunderclouds

Source: Mr. Adeola Ikuomola
The darkest thunderclouds
Are the greatest clergymen
From different denominations
Gathering for a preaching engagement
The darkest thunderclouds
Are the procurement grooms
Thoroughly sourcing out the skies
For the genetically-compliant rainbows
The darkest thunderclouds
Amplify the fixed-rattling noise
From the flamboyant guest speakers
To deaden the word and deafen the world
The darkest thunderclouds
Are the dreaded drummers
Playing their dead-ended drums
For the fuming fires and booming bombs
The darkest thunderclouds
Are the recharged sin cards
Of lust, anger, greed and vanity
Dialing the sinful souls into the lakes of fire
Now the last spy turns back
On the thundercloud’s track
The atmosphere wears black
Made for the sickening dark
From the sky’s bloody boom
The earth sustains her doom
The swift floods’ new broom
Seeks souls in the dark room
The world half-dead, half ill
Like the livewire within a gill
The roaring sea foots the bill
Lest the human race be still
The ethnicity sore runs deep
Like waterfalls born to weep
Our old anguish is but a beep
Echoing valleys’ vicious heap
In weird acts of defiance
The sky spilled rampage
Sitting on global finance
On the recessive ribcage
In a hard austere measure
The wallets bred potholes
Under undefined pressure
The society airs the moles
Morality suffers the defeat
Like sea waves coming down
Decency found none to befit
Like the flowery bridal gown
The sharp rainbow is a nurse
On the sky’s breached brows
Circumcising the graying rain
With gales of sharp groaning
The dark sky mourns soundly
Like borrowed pants of blood
With burning bushes at heart
Within the murderous waves
Wallets of wandering wingers
In the unbroken friendly band
Invade the cross-breached sky
Like some burdensome waves
The sick paces pen’s light floor
For the health-enriching syrup
Healing arises from ink-dosage
To save a sickness-ravaged age
By Adeola Ikuomola
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