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3 Quick Things To Do To Maintain A Healthy Computer

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You are excited because you just bought a brand new computer. The way you pamper it leaves so much to be desired. You don’t want anything to happen to it. Not even a scratch. However, few months down the line, the hardware of your system ends up looking ragged and old while the software crashes at every chance it gets.

After spending so much money on buying a computer and the accompanying excitement, it can be painful if this same device begins to perform at low capacity just a few months shy of the date is was purchased. And so to prevent this, Jumia Travel , Africa's No 1 hotel portal shares 3 quick things to do to maintain a healthy computer.

Update your antivirus
The internet is the easiest platform where a virus can find its way into your system. Other ways a virus can infect your system are via an infected flash drive or hard drive. The only way to counter this is by ensuring that you have an up-to-date virus which will protect your system from malware and unmonitored websites. Without a reliable antivirus, your system will be contaminated and sooner or later it will crash.

Have a backup
Your data is your priced possession and protecting it should be your priority. But if inadvertently, something happens to your system and you are unable to recover your data, it automatically means that you will lose your information. These days, it is not necessary to use a hard disk as you can use cloud services like Google Drive, OneNote and DropBox among others.However, if you are a little old fashioned, you can go the old way by burning your data on a disk.

Dedicate time for a holistic system cleanup
For nearly 24 hours a day and 7days a week, your computer is almost constantly at work and such it can become slow and heavy with irrelevant documents. Why not take time out to purge your system of these documents every month. You can also take the opportunity to arrange your files for easy access.