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NANS Carpets U.S.A Over Allegation Of Sexual Misconduct Against House Of Rep Members—Being A Statement By The National President Of Nans, Comrade Tijani Usman On Sunday 19th June 2015

By National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS)
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After carefully and painstakingly followed the recent allegation of sexual misconduct against the three members of the lower Chamber of our great country, we concluded and resolved that it is nothing but a calculated attempt to ridicule the institution of the House of Representatives.

Akin to the disdainful comment of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom that Nigeria is "fantastically corrupt", the allegation follows the observable trend of the West of splashing puddles of disesteem at developing countries, the latest being an article by a U.S. Intelligence chief labelling our President and Commander-in-chief "the problem and not solution".

We the youths and students of this country reject this in its totality and hereby throw our weight behind the speaker and the members of the House of Representatives and we have resolved to defend its integrity.

As students of history, let us quickly remind the U.S. Ambassador that his country tops the chart of countries with the highest record of presidential sex scandals. From its 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson who has a penchant for married women and even seduced his best friend's wife to Warren Harding (1921-1923) who enjoyed various women in the White House closet and even had an illegitimate child. President Glover Cleveland was the ladies man and his mistresses would "always tremble at the thought of him."

John F. Kennedy had his fair share too and his escapades with many women including White House secretaries of the Fiddle & Faddle fame are well documented. Also, while paralysis didn't hinder Franklin D. Roosevelt from extra marital affairs, 15th President James Buchanan was gay. Many of us can even tell the Bill Clinton sex scandal story.

We want to state unequivocally that any attempt to ridicule our leaders, institutions and great nation with unwholesome comments and factoids shall meet the wrath of over 40 million Nigerian students who will not hesitate to occupy the U.S. embassy.

I end this terse statement by stating that the twenty-two year old Halliburton Bribery scandal remains the most historic scandal of all time as the role played by prominent US citizens are well articulated.

Aluta continua !!! Victoria ascerta
Comr. Tijani Usman
National President
National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS)