Book Review: Diet Guides----A Journalist’s Health Recipe

By Uche Amunike

One of the things that define a good media person is their penchant for good writing prowess and public speech skills. That was actually what made me pick interest in a young journalist whose work I was opportune to come across very recently. He called it ‘Diet Guides…Tips to Healthy Living. ’ His name is Comrade Okechukwu Onuegbu.

When he walked into the Fides Newsroom, I didn’t expect he would be talking about anything that was concerned with food or healthy living. For some reason, I didn’t think a man would pick much interest in that area of life. When I got to talk to him, I was impressed with his passion for health and healthy living generally.

We talked for about thirty minutes, and the bottom line was that people should be cautious about their food and alcohol intake so that their days may be long. His message clearly stated that these days, people no longer eat to live. They rather eat to die.

He pointed out that our fore bears lived healthier because they ate healthy food, particularly vegetables and fresh fruits, as against the canned or processed food that causes cancer and other related diseases that abound in the world today.

He stressed on the need to feed well in order to protect the cells in the body.

Okechukwu has organised seminars and workshops to spread the word about the contents of his book and the need for them to follow the guidelines he outlined so that they would know all they should do to live healthy.

He stressed the need for them to stay away from processed foods like Sardines, Geisha, corned beef, etc. and go for fresh foods and plenty vegetables that didn’t contain saccharine and raw sugar which have been proven to be cancerous.

Okechukwu further condemned noodles like Indomie which has become a household name in most families that now eat it of habit. He also expressed his displeasure that most people no longer survive the three zones of life which are the Vibrant zone, Tired Zone, and Sick Zone.

The easiest way to live through them is by eating healthy and avoiding the kinds of food that would do nothing to boost our immune systems, bearing in mind also the age of the consumer.

The author of DIET GUIDES, Comrade Okechukwu Onuegbu has written other books which include two anthologies of poems, SONGS FROM A SOLEMN MIND, MIRROR OF THE MINDS, covering politics, love relationship, life and charity; movie, ROMEO WITHOUT JULIET, and others.

He was born on 12 December, 1987 to the family of Mr Matthew Chukwujekwu and Mrs Lucy Nmachukwunyelugo Onuegbu of Umuaba village, Ebenebe, Awka North Local Government Area of Nigeria.

(Culled from FIDES NEWSPAPER, page 5, January 17-23, 2016)