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Extending Infrastructural Development To The Remote Areas Of Ebonyi State

Source: Barr. Uguru Uchechukwu Okanagba
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It is obvious and indisputable that the present government led by Engr. Dave Umahi (a.k.a Akubaruoha) focused squarely on the infrastructural development, to ensure that Ebonyi State is not left out of the top ten developed States in Nigeria.

It is very substantial and noticeable in all the nooks and crannies of the State. This is because prior to this time, there is nothing like steady street light, construction of fly-overs to abate the tendency of accident to the barest minimum, maintenance of Parks to ensure cleanness all the time, more especially, Hosanna Park and Meat Market which was a no go area prior to this present administration, especially during the rainy season.

Barely six months in the office, all these unimaginable achievement was recorded. I shall say at this juncture without any sense of equivocation that leadership demands spirited individuals who have the charisma, aura, vigour, courage and the willingness to do something even in the face of strenuous opposition and challenges.

I salute the courage of our indefatigable and inexhaustible governor, Engr. Dave Umahi, for the good work done so far within the short term in office. It is a glaring indication that before his four years in office as a governor, Ebonyi State will be transformed to a small London in Africa.

It goes without saying that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

It worries my heart as an indigene of Ebonyi State that over a decade the roads that lead to Iziogo remain unconstructed and unattended to even though it is one of the biggest markets in Ebonyi States and not only that it is the biggest but that much or larger revenue is being generated from there to the local and state governments. Yet no government has ever thought of giving attention to the market (Iziogo) in terms of constructing roads that lead to it to enhance the transaction of activities that take place on every market day.

Since 1999 till date, virtually two civilian administrations have come and gone but none has ever initiated any plan to salvage the deplorable conditions of the roads that lead to the market while no single market day has ever come and gone without tolls being collected by the government’s agents empowered to do so.

Very important to state at this point that any government in power is legally bound for the provision of adequate facilities for the peaceful enjoyment of her citizens, very unfortunate that the previous government did not do so.

Every tax payer whether in the remote areas or in the towns has the right to benefit from what he is paying for. It is very pertinent and material to ask whether those in the villages or remote areas are exempted from paying taxes and tolls? If this question can be resolved in the negative and not in the affirmative, it therefore means that the right of those in the remote areas to be provided with infrastructural facilities by way of roads construction and electricity is unfettered.

My blame is on the past administrations which have benefitted a lot from the market by way of its revenue generation and left the roads that lead to it in a dilapidated and deplorable condition. It is not only to make use of what came out of the place without channeling the proceeds of the market towards addressing the challenges and conditions of the market for greater output.

My greatest utter consternation was that during election period, the who is who in the government of Ebonyi State will risk their lives and apply the roads for the purpose of campaigning or canvassing for the people’s mandate for continuity in office without saying or doing anything concerning the roads or place, hence they know that it is a place they cannot do without. This can be best described as political egocentrism and bigotry.

Give attention to the road that leads from Nwofe to Iziogo and from Ngbaji-Nwagu to Iziogo, and see the massive impact it will create in the development of Ebonyi State within the shortest period of time.

In view of the above, I know that the present administration which is very much out to reposition every side of Ebonyi State, whether town or village will not leave the roads that lead to Iziogo the way he met it, even though the previous administration abandoned it. That is why the past and present administration cannot be considered to be the same.

By way of addendum, I urge the present Government led by Engr. Dave Umahi to give unflinching attention to the market by constructing the roads that lead to it for maximum transaction of activities.

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