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New 1/200,000 Scale Baseline Mapping For Mali: The Project Comes To An End In September 2016

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The European Union called on IGN FI in October 2012 for a project to rework Mali’s 1/200,000 scale national topographic map, create derived projects and services and modernize the Geographic Institute of Mali (IGM).

This project, financed by means of the 10th EDF (European Development Funds) has a dual objective:

  • Creating a national reference database to be used as a basis for producing the country’s new 1/200,000 scale topographic map as well as a complete set of derived products and services,
  • Guarantee the transfer of a complete range of skills to personnel thanks to support from the Technical Assistance provided.

The end-products shall represent a common cartographic reference system which is coherent with all its sectors of application.

This system shall constitute the foundation for production work on thematic data by the various institutions.

The project to rework Mali’s 1/200,000 baseline mapping shall officially come to an end in September 2016 after a period of four years.

Mali’s national cartography had not been updated for 50 years. “The landscape had obviously Changed enormously over the last 50 years: new dams had been built, new roads had appeared, villages disappeared, urban areas spread and the agricultural and forest perimeters had changed. Mali’s baseline mapping therefore no longer reflected the real situation on the ground and how the country had changed.”says Mr Ando Enko Guindo, General Director of the IGM. […]

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About IGN FI
IGN FI is a design office specialized in geomatic projects. A subsidiary of Groupe Fit and the National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN), IGN FI offers its expertise to foreign government bodies and has become over recent years, the undeniable partner in its fields of work: geographical information and geographic information systems.

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About IGM
The Geographical Institute of Mali is a national public administration establishment with an incorporated body and financial autonomy. It is governed by the Ministry for Equipment, Transport and Development of access which is in charge of mapping and topography.

The Geographical Institute of Mali was created following reorganization of the former National Directorate of Cartography and Topography which was founded in 1979.

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