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Buhari should start corruption probes from Obasanjo – APC Chieftain

By The Citizen
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A chieftain of the All Peoples Congress (APC), Senator Joseph Kenndy Waku says the war against corruption by the President Muhammadu Buhari would have been better waged if corruption probes started from former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

'President Buhari should have started his anti graft probe with former President Obasanjo's administration because all these corruption and privatisation saga we are talking about today started from Obasanjo's administration.'

Waku who stated this in a chat with newsmen in his Makurdi residence weekend described Buhari's efforts at riding the country of corruption as a step in the right direction but however insisted that it is only if the Obasanjo Administration is probed that the current war can be said to wholistic.

'I insist that Obasanjo administration be Probe. Buhari should revoke all the Federal Government assets that were privatized under President Obasanjo. But on the whole, I think this government is trying to sanitise the system for the younger generation and it is doing it gradually but well.'

Speaking on the current agitations by the Niger-Delta Avengers (ND) as criminal, the APC chieftain called on the federal government to treat those hiding under the cloak of the group to damage oil installations and destroy the common wealth of the nation as criminals.

While wondering why the NDA became so brutal and criminal in their agitation without coming out with any particular demand and no human face but are destroying national assets with all rascality, Waku stated that, 'Agitations should have a clear vision rather than being criminal. It is only when the agitations are ignored that you can resort to any other mechanism.'

perpetrators as such described the damages caused to oil installations in the Niger Delta by avengers as the most burning issues in the country and urged the Federal Government to treat the perpetrators as criminals if caught.

He however called on the NDA to hold their political leaders responsible for failing to develop their areas, noting that after all, they get 30% derivation from federal government, and are given the Ministry for Niger Delta as well as Niger Delta Development Corporation NDDC headed by their leaders who are saddled with the responsibility of developing their areas.

Chief Waku who also reiterated his disapproval for the call in some quarters for another National Conference stressing that p, 'the call for another national conference is the most irresponsible thing to be conceived by any right thinking Nigerian.'

The APC leader regretted that reports of previous national conferences on which several billions of the nation's funds were spent had been kept in the archives to gather dust without any action taken on them.

'We have the National Assembly in place. People can even on their own sponsor private bills. If you have any issue, you can pass it through your representative. What happened with the one held by former President Jonathan that is being abandoned?,' he queried. - The Sun.