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4 Interesting Things You Wish Parents Allowed You Do When You Were Young

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Growing up with Nigerian parents is always exciting. You may not like their style of discipline but when you eventually age, you will definitely appreciate their efforts. Despite this, some people wish they could turn back the hands of time to engage in certain activities which their parents denied them when they were young.

This may be partly because said parents were very strict and dealt unsympathetically with inappropriate and antisocial behaviour.

In this regard, , Africa’s No.1 hotel booking portal rounds up 4 things you probably wish your parents allowed you to do when you were young. Enjoy!

Attend your friend’s birthday party
Birthday parties were out of bounds for some young urns! And no matter how hard kids tried to convince their parents or guardians, all plea fell on deaf ears. If you recall the birthday parties you may have missed, as you grow older you may begin to question why your parents didn’t allow you to go to these parties in the first place.

Bring your girlfriend home
Perhaps, some parents may overlook this today but, when most current adults were young, they dared not bring a girl home. In fact, when they thought of the consequence of your parents ordinarily seeing them with a girl, the fear alone spelled trouble.

Stay out till midnight
Remember wanting to hang out with friends downing bottles of different alcoholic beverages but because your parents had set a curfew for you to return home, you had no choice than to leave. If you dared miss this deadline, a heavy punishment, usually from your mother followed suit. Such fond memories may bring laughter at the moment but it felt like pain at the time.

Eat as much as you can at any event
If you reside in Lagos, you already know that people in this cosmopolitan city love to party. Hence, every weekend, there is an owambe happening in one corner of town. If you attended the party with your parents back in the day, your intention may have been to eat everything and anything that was being served. But this was usually an impossible feat because your mother’s piercing gaze will set you off with sweaty palms as she expects you to put your greed in check. If you ignore her and eat like a glutton, you will face her wrath as she will not hesitate to tongue-lash you when you arrive home. And many people prefer to be flogged rather than their parents chastising them