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5 Things Nigerian Dads Do On Road Trips

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Father’s day is nigh and if we are completely honest, most of us are having a tough time figuring out what gift to get our dads or what activity to do with him on the day to make it a little more special. As, Africa’s No.1 hotel booking portal is all about travel, we have “road trip” high on our list.

A road trip with your dad can be quite an experience. Through the laughter, fears, discoveries, adventures and quiet moments experienced together on our trip, your relationship can be forever changed. The road trip not only opens a great opportunity for you to spend quality time with the person, it allows you to bond with them and learn more about patience, consideration, respect, and cooperation. The time you spend together and the activities you get to do can greatly bring you closer to each other’s hearts.

If you are in Nigeria or your dad is Nigerian however, you may want to wait a bit before you start making plans for a road trip with your dad. While there are so many benefits to the road trip, there are also certain quirks (that you may find annoying) to expect from Nigerian dads on the road. We have listed five of them below:

He will insist you leave really early
Dads for some reason tend to be early birds. Your dad will most likely insist that you leave early, even when it is meant to be an adventurous road trip to an unknown destination. They will dig out the map and figure out the shortest, safest route that is free of traffic. They tend to be very orderly and while their intentions are good, it can sometimes kill the buzz.

He will follows all the traffic rules
It’s almost like dads were never young or rebellious at any point in their lives. If he is not the one driving, chances are he will keep redirecting you and correcting you. Also, he will insist you follow all the traffic rules, obeying the lights and maintaining the required speed limit. This can tick you off at some points but try to remember that his demands and assertions are not geared towards putting you down.

He will control the radio
Dads have a love affair with the car radio. They just have to be in charge of it. No matter how well you convince him to listen to your music mix and learn the current trends in music, he will at some point turn the knob on the radio or request that you do so he could listen to his favorite station or just listen to the latest news.

Get paranoid about safety
Maybe it is because they are older and more experienced, but for some reason, dads can get quite paranoid over safety. They get very suspicious and they try to force their own driving tricks and preferences on you, as they feel it is safer. And even if you are not the one driving and they are, they find it hard to accept your suggestion as regards

They sleep off
This is a usual occurrence with dads who are more over 60. They tend to get bored very easily or tired. Either way, they sleep off and that kill the purpose of the road trip in the first place.