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Police are friends to the people and we should know this. The reason is that, after the protection of God, the next protector of mankind is the police. Without them in the society, there will be no rest of mind for the rich and for the poor.

After God, the next is the police that the citizens are looking up to for protection. When the' citizens of a country have gone to bed, the policem.en are awake for the security of the nation.

The policemen are on thelr feet from morning till evening either in the rain or in the sun for the protection of lives and property of people of he country. If other sectors of the economy goes on strike, the police force will not do this, just for our security, and we need to be friends to one another.

After standing day and night, under the sun or in the rain, and they have cause to stop any commuter, before the driver parks his bus, the passengers in the bus will start to condemn the police action and asking them why they stop the bus. Because of this, the driver of the bus will not be able to give satisfactory answers to questions posed to him by the policemen. Because we have seen them as our enemy and he will respond to their request in harsh tone.

If we know what force entails, we would know that they don't like argument. If we appreciate the importance of their work, we need to respect them and show love to them and if we. do this, they will also be happy in return. We should not argue with them or get angry with them, they are our brothers. .

Moreover, concerning the money they allegedly collect from motorists by the' road side, that is bringing dishonour to them. It is caused by the situation they find themselves. This corrupt situation is caused by the government and the superior officers, who don't see to the welfare of their junior officers. That they have wives and children at home, including tbeir dependants that they have to look after. The salary package for the police officers are too meager and could not meet up with their responsibility.

If you have the cause to visit a police station, it looks like a desolated place. Mosquitoes are biting them, there is no conducive environment for them to discharge their duties. Let the corporate organisations rise up to assist in building and re-constructing our police stations and let every well – meaning Nigerian 'lise up to .these challenges.'

My observation is that, when these multinational companies 'and banks re transferring money, the policemen will provide escort for them. Yoruba adage says that, somebody that is watching safeguarding a corpse will not perceive the odour in vain. truly, we need to love the policemen, just as we love our wives and children.

I am is a friend of th.e police, I respect them 'and appreciate their work .• Whenever I am travelling I do buy foods like banana, eggs, bread .and bottled water to give to them at the checkpoints. I do sphare time to brainstorm with them at the checkpoints. I am using this medium to appeal to all that we should show love to the police and let see them as our friends so that the spirit of hatred we have for them will disappear. police are friends of the people.

We shou(d not wait till when there is insecurity or problem, before we would show love to them. Do n,I;)t get angry with them, obey whatever you are told to do by the policemen. When you are waved down to stop, do so with absolute obedience,' exchange greetings and be cheerful with them, they will also be happy and you will be told to go.

God bless you as you obey. I told former I.G. Okiro, that if any policeman does wrong, he should not sack him, if they sack him. Police are our friends.

_ *Friends of Police.
S.O. Ajao is the founder (Warrior for Christ Mission),

No.7 Railway line, Off Jonathan Coker Road,
Fagba Iju Ifako ljaiye L.G. Lagos.