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Tunisia 2020: The Road to Inclusion, Sustainability and Efficiency International Conference to be held on 29th and 30th November 2016

By Africa Communication Events
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As part of Tunisia’s new strategy for economic development, the Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation is pleased to announce the launch of the promotional campaign for the 2016-2020 Development Plan, which will culminate in an international investment conference called : “Tunisia 2020”

“Tunisia 2020” will be supported by a promotional campaign that will see the Tunisian government meeting with Tunisia’s investors and partners around the world ( Europe, USA, Asia…). These meetings aim to strengthen the country’s attractiveness, finalise the financing of the government’s development projects and mobilise private investment.

The international conference in Tunis, on 29th and 30th November will bring together heads of state and government as well as international institutions and Tunisian and foreign private companies and investment funds.

The main objective of this development plan is to achieve an average annual GDP growth rate of 4% per year for the 2016-2020 period (vs. 1.5% per year between 2011 and 2015). It also aims to guarantee inclusive growth that will benefit all regions, in particular the central and southern parts of the country, across all social strata. The plan is designed to boost public and private investment at a sustained rate of 9% in order to reach 24% of GDP by 2020, against 19.4% in 2015, thereby creating 400,000 jobs and bringing unemployment down by 3%.

In order to create the right conditions for the success of the plan, the government has been implementing structural legislative reforms establishing a new deal for investment in the country to achieve its objective of US$60 billion in public and private investment over the next five years. A new legislative framework for investment and public-private partnerships will enable the country to build the infrastructure and amenities consistent with its development objectives.

“Our country has made great strides in its political transition. Now, the great challenge is on an economic and social level. Tunisia must affirm its choice to be a market economy country, open to globalisation and setting all regions and social strata on the road to modernisation. A strategic vision and a plan combining fundamental reforms and investment projects are the result of over a year’s collaborative work with all regions of the country. ‘Tunisia 2020’ is the international conference during which we will present the progress made in reforms and all project opportunities for the years to come,” said the Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation, Yassine Brahim.

For the organisation of this promotional campaign, the Government of Tunisia mandated a consortium constituted by the French investment bank Arjil & Partners, the Tunisian consulting firm Comète Engineering and Africa Communication Events, the events subsidiary of the Jeune Afrique media group.