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Home Sweet Home; 3 Key Reasons Why Travelers Abroad Should Return Frequently

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‘’Greener pastures’’ is largely the major reason why many Ghanaians travel abroad.Staying away from your home country is certainly not the best as it comes along with more negatives that positives.

However,many travelers have their own reasons for not returning home in a long time. Coming home is probably the most intriguing aspect of every traveler's life. Jovago looks at a few key reasons why travelers abroad should return frequently.

  1. DEVELOPMENT - In sub-saharan Africa, development is a word that is very important to many countries. Investment and self sufficiency largely contributes to development of many countries. Although it may take a considerable amount of time for many African countries to get anywhere close to Europeans and American countries, the growth is steady and with consistent improvement, we will get there.However, development plays a very major role in a country’s overall success and it has proven to be a very key reason as to why many expatriates should return frequently.There is a big question that many local people pose to travelers and expatriates all the time.Why don’t you want to come home? The answer is mostly the same.Africa is not as developed as the western world. By looking at how far we have come as a continent, it is quite expedient to note that development is one of the key reasons why Ghanaians abroad should return frequently.Massive development in technology,tourism and the economy means that Ghana has once again become a great place to be. Virtually all franchises (banks,telecom ventures and business) have opened branches in Ghana. Returning also means you indirectly contribute to this development by being taxed on purchases made in Ghana. Don’t stay away for too long. Visit a few times and help develop your country of origin.

  1. KNOW YOUR ROOTS - Many Ghanaians were not born here in Ghana. Others travelled outside the shores of this country at a very early age. Many others travelled for greener pastures and have since not returned. Whatever the reason for travel is, once in a while, it is great to return and know your roots especially if you have never been back in a long time. Knowing where you were born or your hometime gives you a certain level of closure and exposes you to your real roots and the place from which you came. You get to learn and experience the rich culture,heritage and tradition of your own people. You get to hear the stories and history behind your place of birth.Even though you may have made a life and settled down far away in a different country, occasionally coming home to visit is good. You may decide to come during major festive periods like Christmas,New year or the many community based festivals.

  1. FAMILY LOVED ONES - Unless you run away or travelled because you wanted to get away from a situation or some people forever, family and friends are good enough reasons to come back home.No man lives in isolation and no matter how many new friends you make, it cannot replace family. Always remember that you left people who love and care about you back at home. Visiting only makes the already existing strong ties even stronger. If you have been struggling to find motivation to come back home and visit, just think about how much you have missed your family and loved ones. Think about how you haven’t seen them in a long time. Think about the joy when you finally reunite. Think about the good old days and how much fun and excitement there was when you were with them. Then make that trip back to your homeland.