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6 Reasons To Eat Out Alone In Abuja

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Very rarely do you find people purposefully eating alone in public places as most people consider the prospect intimidating. However, while it can cause sweaty-palm anxiety for some, it also brings a measure of quiet satisfaction. There is a pleasure that comes from paying undivided attention to what is going on your plate or in your head.

If you are visiting Abuja and find yourself forced to eat out alone, do not be perturbed, dining by yourself does not have to be a heavy-hearted exercise! has it eyes set on your location and so we have listed 6 reasons to have solitary eating experience in Abuja.

You can be bold with your order
This is a major advantage to solo dining. Basically, you are out alone, no one is there to judge what you order or criticize how many servings you request for. You also do not have to share anything on your plate with perhaps a friend itching to get a taste of what is on your plate. This means that you do not have to “form” for anyone! You can more frugal with your order is you are on a low budget or be bolder with it if you an affluent foodie. The key thing is that you will have a marvelous time eating whatever it is you order.

Opportunities to meet new people
Dining alone somehow opens you up to meeting no people. Either someone sees you eating alone and decides to join your table or you decide to join a long table with other diners and engage in whatever conversation comes up. The good thing is that whoever you meet is most possibly new to you , so you can have fun either pretending to be a character you have always wanted to be or just feel free to be yourself without the pressure or trying to be a certain way or impressing anyone.

Alone time, enjoy your own company
Solitude is something that a lot of Nigerians tend to get very little of. Almost everyone seems to be on the hustle. Eating alone is a good way to kill two birds with one stone: you satisfy the demands of your belly and you also gain alone time, enjoying your own company for a change. Spending alone time can boost your creativity and make you like yourself more as it gives you time to decompress and process our lives on our own terms.

You can people-watch
Most people would take a book along or their Ipads and phones to help distract them at times when they have to wait for their food or basically to make them feel less alone. But for those who do not have these extra distractions, eating alone allows you the freedom to watch others, mostly covertly.

Everyone loves people-watching. It is standard human behavior and there is no shame in it as people -watching actually helps us learn, grow, and communicate. It is a much more enjoyable experience for introverts and writers who may be looking for inspiration, though.

The servers are nicer to solo diners
If you have been to Abuja restaurants a lot, you would know that the waiters and servers generally tend to be extra sweet to visitors or customers who dine alone. Most people who request for a table for one get excellent service: the waiters respond to you quicker, you are first to be offered freebies, the staff is friendlier and even sometimes, they tend to be on the flirty side.

You eat at your own pace
Most times, when you eat with friends or family, you have to rush your meal or stay longer on the table than you need to because it is expected that you make concessions so as to be in sync with your companions. When you eat alone, you can plan your time just as you want you and there is no pressure from other people.