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The Circumcised Poet

Source: Mr. Adeola Ikuomola
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Heavy hammer strokes
Sickeningly and deadly
Heaviest wages for sin
Weighty and eternally
Dreams dyed dreamer
Nightly sobbing of sores
Dewy decimals in dreams
Like the stylist eagle skiing
In the bones of the far sky
Glassy galaxies galvanised
The mysterious foreskins
Concealed in the eggheads
Await intellectual hammers
To crack poetic nutshells
Fame flaring in furnaces
Lyrical lures of limelights
Ancient and modernised
Breached blades bleeding
I am the circumcised poet
The sea in his miscalculated zeal
Espoused the cargoes to his seal
Like cold western sky in disarray
Bleeding from the horizon’s tray
His wraths draw down his claims
On the days he heaps his blames
Before the pews he pays his staff
To drown a contentious old scarf
For a shore line he makes his bids
In agreement with the cold beads
The fireflies in their anemic flights
Cast the epileptic candles as lights
From the bosoms of the angry sea
Darkness conceals all eyes can see
His mercy for war ears but to hear
The contrary judgment born to err