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Another Actor Involved in Ghastly Motor Accident

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If there is someone who is not happy with ladies dating their managers, it is Kenny Saint Best, popular known as KSB. KSB whose marriage is broken said that trouble often result in such romantic adventure.

KSB started with instances “Yemi Alade is not having any challenges because her alleged romance (with her manager, Taiye Aliyu) is going fine for now. So everything is fine but once there is a fallout, there might be trouble,” she said.

Talking about Emma Nyra “In the case of Emma Nyra and Ubi Franklin; her career nose-dived because they broke up and she became a wreck emotionally. There was no where could push her career, now that she is coming back, she will have to join from the back and start all-over again,” she said.

Then, she talked about Kel, “I am disappointed she (Kel) did not try enough after the ill-fated relationship with Clarence Peters. She showed promise and still has the talent. I understand how inconvenient it is to come up with music when you are emotionally down but people who win are those who pick themselves up and fight again. Kel should have done more than just give up on music'.

“Dating one's manager as a female artiste is not a plus, rather it often ends disastrously,” she concluded.