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… Receives #25M royalties from Babalaje Records One of the nation’s musicians, K1 De Ultimate, last Thursday at the White House, Toyin Street, Ikeja area of Lagos hosted members of the first estate of the realm and his teaming fans in a unique and friendly atmosphere.

The event, which launched the latest effort of the Olu Omo of Lagos, titled FLAVOURS, a three-in-one package, which, according to him took him 18 months to produce.

That event also revealed how he started with #1,700 royalties from Babalaje Records, and today, you will surprise to hear that, his price has soared from N1,700 to a whopping N25million for any work released by him to the market.

In his welcome address, the famous musician stated that, lateness in producing this latest work is not an indication of weakness on their part as widely insinuated but to come out with an unprecedented album that will change the face of Fuji music and bring to light the uniqueness of African rhythm.

When asked why the new album has to come in a special package, the insightful Fuji artiste simply said, “We are pacesetters who enjoy to experiment. We did a dual release with Big Deal but this time around, we are carrying out an experiment with this experience, we hope our experiment will worth a while”.

The upwardly mobile Fuji act, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal was not only happy but was elated for the presence of the top media gurus like, Seye Kehinde, Kunle Bakare, Mayor Akinpelu, Kunle Onime, the MPC’s PR expert and others. These Media experts, one after the other all commended the King of music, K1 for his selfless and relentless efforts to have taken the Fuji music to the greater heights.

According to big boy behind MPC, a Public Relations Outfit, Kunle Onime, “Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde is a man who has sense of human kindness flowing in his system. You wonder what I have got to do with this man of great honour but I will tell you a secret today. A very long time ago, when I was still struggling to position myself rightly, my daughter was seriously ill to the point of death. I had nothing on me, but when I called Alhaji on phone to express my ordeal, he has me to see him at home immediately. That day, he gave me a substantial amount that rescued my daughter from that strange illness’. He concluded.

On the part of Kunle Bakare, the C.E.O. of the Encomium Ventures, he said, King Wasiu Ayinde surprised him when he perform for him on his wedding day about 13 years now and he also commended the globetrotter musician for his sense of credibility and mien disposition to issues. “I can recall vividly, then, we were in FAME magazine, there was a king of ripples between us and he called us and advised us to settle our differences and embrace one another, Alhaji even said that, it’s not because of today but tomorrow” those were the words from Mr. Kunle Bakare talking about the man, K1 De Ultimate.

Rigorously responding to questions from the media men, the King of Fuji music said, when he was told to state the reasons his music is sectionalized. “Music, all over the world has a universal language and that’s rhythm. I can not because I want to appeal to the international market now change the flavour in Fuji Music, Awilo sings in his language so also virtually all the musicians in places like Burundi, Malawi, Ethiopia etc and we dance to the tune.” He responded sharply and the hall nearly collapsed with rounds of applause for the apt response to the question.

“If we have not been accepted internationally, we wouldn’t have been giving the recognition at the major shows we attend abroad like the Royal Festival, Womex in Holland, Womat etc,” he concluded.

The album has tracks like, Crude Oil, The Stone, Ale se, Fuji Repete, Baba Seun Funmi, Vivid Imagination, Ori and other interesting tracks, which are expected to appeal to all strata of the society.

In the Crude Oil track, the King of world Fuji beat talks about how much the issue of Crude oil has destroyed our society, while the stone as the name connotes is about the rejected becoming the corner stone.

The new album, which has been enjoying tremendous demand from lovers of Fuji music, as I am told, is different from previous work of the maestro himself.

The video clip of Falvours is said to hit the video mart as soon as the last touches are applied.

The event that had Gbenga Adeyinka De 1st and the only MC Murphy in the entire Abeokuta, Ogun State as anchored men ended with a vote of thanks from the Media manager, Percy Ademokun while guest were treated to sumptuous buffet with choice drinks.