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This Abuja-based woman is missing after she reportedly went on a road trip (photos)

By Maryjane Ezeh/Nigeriafilms
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There are several reports that this beautiful lady whose picture is above is missing. The divorced mother of four has been allegedly threatened by unknown persons before her disappearance.

Below is the post shared on the Facebook page created to find the missing woman:
"The lady in the pictures is Charity Aiyedogbon aka Deepdeal Chacha De Hammer on her Facebook page. She lives in Abuja and is separated from her husband David Aiyedogbon with 4 children who lives with their father.
Charity has been missing since 9 May 2016 when she supposedly put out a blast at her FaceBook page that she was going on a road trip.
Her cell phones 08188881301 and 09031420216 have been switched off even though we have been able to ascertain from her phone records and obtained that the last originating call from her phone (08188881301) as traced was on the 9th of May, 2016, the no 08027786161 belonging to a Rabi Mohammed. The last received call on her phone for same day was from 08032180798; this has been listed on true caller as Amani Lounge.

A couple of friends went to her apartment; House 26, 5th avenue, gwarimpa, two weeks after no one heard from her and were able to gain access in the company of a close male friend, her landlady and some security personnel. The facts discovered were;
1. Her apartment was unruffled but no apparent packing was done for a trip
2. What appeared to be a fresh pot of soup which was now bad was on the burner, untouched
3. The gate man who also hasn't seen her said a gentleman came to install CCTV camera in company of a male friend in her apartment a few days after she went missing but when they tried to reach her, her phones were switched off.

According to a close friend, she was having CCTV installed because she had been receiving threats recently so we fear that she may have been abducted (but this cannot be confirmed as yet)
A report has been duly filed at the NPF station Gwarimpa, 3rd Avenue and to date nothing appears to have been done to ascertain her whereabouts.

We are calling on anyone who may have seen her or spoken with her in the last 3 weeks to come forward with relevant information. We can be reached on this page"