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The Troubled Triangle

By Adeola Ikuomola
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The troubled triangle
Swimming in sulphuric acid
The troublesome triangle
Sealed on seething gun powders
The contrary triangle
The excruciating daily dental decay
With your groaning skies
Death pangs invade global bosoms
The war mongering triangle
Your spines echo the roaring seas
Bleeding all over the sky highways
Like the castrated thunderclouds
The blood thirsty triangle
Webbed in an endless warfare
With your roadmap to peace ablaze
Death and danger daze your dark days
In the midst of warfare treatise
Like candlelight in thick darkness
Here is a living diadem yet unexplored
The divine love embedded in Christ Jesus

Your dark dog is at the door
Looking at me like the moon
Standing upon the sea waves
Looking at the hungry sailors

Your short dog is at the door
Barking like violent thunders
Opening the sky’s front gates
To throw water on our heads

Your Malay dog is at the door
Eating his food like a bold lion
His eyes shining like sun lights
Make me laugh like water falls


Our class teacher is a dove
Speaking with angelic voice
He adds beauty to the class
Like flowers celebrating sun

Our class teacher is a pillar
Upholding our love for love
He makes us feel as a family
Like stars born to the moon

We shall miss our umbrella
When we go out of his class
And scale higher mountains
To lick honey from the skies

Our class teacher is a brook
Flowing from the Scriptures
Perfect peace abides in him
Like the silent morning dew