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5 Over-The-Top Reasons To Fly 1st Class

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When it comes to flying abroad , there is nothing as glamorous and dignifying as sitting up front in the first class cabin. The first-class cabin at the front of the plane may be just a few feet from the economy section, but it might as well be in a different planet. Aside from the luxury treatment attached to the first class option, there are several other over-the-top benefits that are way more valuable than the lump of money spent.

If you have never had the pleasure of sitting up-front,, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site lists 5 reasons why 1st class remains the best way to fly.

Exclusive check-in lines and security
A major thing traveller who opt for air travel suffer and complain about is the long queue at the check-in counter, handling of luggage and other bureaucracies attached to the entire process the traveler has to undertake before boarding. Those who fly first class do not have to deal with this dilemma though.

The first class experience starts as soon as the passenger reaches the airport. First class passengers get their own little corner at departures area, where they are offered premium check-in and security. They are also ushered into their own special waiting lounge where they are offered top-notch service.

It is normal in airport for people rush to the departure gate area once their flight is announced, in the hope of pushing their way onto the plane before anyone else. A first class passenger however does not have to join in on the race as usually they are one of the first to board the plane, probably right after families with small children are aboard. Basically, they can slowly stroll onto the plane, without the fear of running into a full overhead bin, or someone trying to sneak their way into their seat. In some flights, they are even greeted with a glass of champagne and some warm nuts upon boarding.

Better entertainment
After paying so much for the Premium ticket, better entertainment is obviously expected. From computerized videos to in-seat games, Internet access and iPod connectors and on-demand libraries, the first class passengers are offered thousands of hours of entertainment. Some airlines even offer flat panel screens as large as 15″ in the first class cabin. As regards food, first class passengers are usually handed a menu when they board, and they almost never have to worry about running out of choice order. They also benefit from a stock of top shelf alcoholic beverages.

Power ports
Every traveler knows how much difference access to a power outlet while on a trip can make, as it can be the thin line between 10 hours of boredom and 10 hours of productivity or entertainment. The first class passengers do not need to worry about power as they have power ports at their seat so they can charge their iPod or other media player. In addition to regular power outlets, some airlines have started adding USB power jacks, and even network ports.

Privacy and comfort
The first class suites have room for fewer people. Some have said that it is the seat that makes the first class ticket worth its money as they are wider and usually a highly adjustable leather recliner, with a large fold-out table, sometimes even built in massage controls, which traveler find extremely comfortable. There is also enough leg room, ample storage space, folding drink holders, several magazine pouches, and more. Again, seating is two by two and basically It is less crowded, you have more privacy.