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Ilorin People: Don't Let Us Be Ungrateful To Allah On Bukola Saraki

By Taofeek Sanusi
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Politics is all about authoritative allocation of value; but who is to clinch an atom of that value at a particular time is predetermined by the glorious God. In a democratic system, there are many offices; some require election while some are premised on selection. Those require election, especially the elections of National Assembly's principal officers are always full of unbelievable drama; the evidence of this are the events unfolding since few weeks after Bukola Saraki's victory as Senate President till now. They are indeed not different from what unfolded in June 2011 when Hon. Aminu Tambuwal emerged the Speaker of House of Representatives against the wish of power-that-be in his then party, PDP.

An adage says "you will never know the value of what you have until you lose it." I pray this adage does not have implication on Ilorin Emirate people, because of how some of us are instrumental to seeing Dr. Bukola Saraki's untimely exit out the office of Senate President. The rationale behind this is not far- fetched. Saraki's opponents, especially the apologists of Lai Muhammed in Kwara, have been busy strategizing all plans of vilification.

The recent antics of attack on the person of the Senate President Bukola Saraki and Kwara State Government by these Lai’s recharge card boys like Kayode Ogunlowo, Sholyment Olusola, Kayode Oyin Zubair, Kwara Hero, Adefila John, Justice Justice Oyin Zubair Ajirotu among others, deserve not to consume one’s precious time, in order not to rub the ego of a man who lacks political will in Kwara, but the general public deserve to be kept abreast of their Satanic plans to discredit Saraki in the public domain so as to make Kwara State, not only an extension the political dynasty of a Southwest politician but also an ATM to him.

They operate fake facebook accounts to deceitful promotion of Lai Mohammed and Tinubu who are perceptibly of no usefulness or value to Kwara State. They even went as far as getting some bastard Ilorin people huge amount of money so that their concocted lies can be spread all over.

These e-rats were not also unconnected to the blackmail of Emir of Ilorin over Ilorin-Jebba road contract scam as it was gathered that it is an item of their job description, to send to Sahara Reporters, fictitious tales about any personalty that is a friend to Saraki. Ilorin people are grateful for Minister Babatunde Fashola who clear the air by disclosing that the road contract was awarded to a Chinese contractor not even a Nigeria.

These activities of theirs are ostensibly appraised by Kayode Oyin Zubair, the son of the old fool from Igbaja called Baba Oyin Zubair Ajirotutu who also operate the pseudo facebook account called Geri Alimi and supervised by Lai’s Special Adviser, Williams Adeleye. Anybody who studies with keen interest would come in a common believe with me that these jobless masquerades blackmails Saraki, Governor Ahmed and their associates but promote Lai Muhammed, Ambode, Aregbesola, Tinubu and their cohorts, yet they deny working for them.

The popular Islamic musician, Ibrahim Labaika composed a song that, " Bukola Saraki aso wa ni, omo Olusola Saraki aso wa ni, omo Mukhtar Lagbaji aso wa ni, Olohun dakun mon so wa sotutu, satia dakun mon fawa laso yaa, Bukola Saraki aso wa ni." The connotation of this song is prayer for Saraki to be protected by Allah because he is our pride in Kwara. Little did some Ilorin people fathom the salient messages passed by this song, but let me elucidate a little bit.

The emergence of Bukola Saraki is a triumph for all and sundry Ilorin, regardless of the party you may belong and it is a glory for you, having President of the Senate from your home town. This coveted seat, which I strongly believe would be used by Dr. Bukola as usual, to bring some Ilorites and also other Kwarans to the corridor of power, so that we can have more lots of politically influential people at the federal level.

Employment opportunities at the federal level are not disconnected from some goodies which could be channeled to Ilorin through this office. All these, unarguably as a leader who epitomizes human capital development, have been brought in multiple folds, despite his distractions caused by the present political persecution. The greatest of all which I think prompt the masterminds of this political vendetta is that they believe that the office would wax Saraki's political clout stronger.

My good people of Ilorin, having Saraki as number three citizen at this time is a golden opportunity which you and I must support, because the occupant of the office never used left hand to describe his father's house. His love for Ilorin and Kwara at large is undiluted and the chronicle of his achievements as Kwara State governor and his first tenure as the Senator, who represented Kwara Central is there to vindicate him.

If Bukola Saraki is ousted, God forbid by his enemies for selfish interest, who knows when the chance will come back to Kwara, let alone Ilorin? If some progressive people from other states and two senatorial districts in kwara are happy for us because of this gigantic political success, so why won't we be happy? Imagine the number of towns in Nigeria before the post divinely landed in our home town.

I so conclude that Lai Muhammed's participation in Saraki's political paricipation takes him nowhere, instead it is making him more unpopular in Kwara, his second home where he and his thingod have always been losers. Definitely his sycophant aforementioned followers are aiming at milking the masquerade dresser dry for eventual destruction. Good people of Ilorin, let us continue to educate those who don't understand so as not to allow them mortgage our political chance for the actualization of the goals of the enemies of Ilorin, Geri Alimi.

God bless Kwara in its entirety.

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