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Maikanti: A Lawmaker With Progressive Achievements In Adamawa State

By Tom Garba, Yola
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Across Nigeria there are unsung heroes and heroines whose selfless actions have saved lives. Some are stories of intelligent organization and collective endeavor, some moving accounts of individual sacrifice or achievement, but all of while others are political dedicated life of service to the electorates,they are becoming servants with shining examples to inspire and motivate the heroes of tomorrow.

The heroic story of Hon. Mohammed Sale Abubakar who is generally known and refer to as "Maikanti", it is a Man with salient great achievements as a lawmaker representing Fofure in the Adamawa state House of Assembly (ADHA). His ideology in life is " be good to all you see and take it an opportunity to help (support) to people not minding either you know them or not". A gentleman know has many unsung testimony of achievements in less than year serving the people of Fofure.

His progressive ideals over the last few months has endeared him closer to his constituents and indeed earmarked him for bigger challenges in the socio-political circles.

His electorates on their part now signing the songs of thanks not regretting voting this silence achiever, as must of the promises made to them were swiftly

implemented. They had believed that miracles would be achieved sooner than these and it is indeed a reality.

To the people of Fofure the change mantra must be seen to be practically entrenched on their socio-economic wellbeing, if Sale will maintain the tempo of what is doing. Most of his Kings men sees him as a Nigerian politician who had no habitually become the swindler,

liar and scammer, they regarded him as a man that is not politically deceit, treachery and betrayal of confidence

reposed in him by them.
To them having Maikanti on board is making the change slogan appeared convincing enough to make them

vouch for the unforeseen,even though the typical politician had not changed his usual antics but Sale is one of his kind.

1. The likes of Hon.Sale whose idea of representation is to be closer to his electorates,the in-house politics he played earned him a seat to be Chairman Committee on Rural Infrastructure and Community development

2. His Honourable colleques knowing his ingenuity in business they could not hesitate unanimously asked him to be Deputy Chairman committee on Commerce and Industry.

3. Hon.Abubakar is now having pilled up Bills in his archives that will soon process it into becoming laws that will benefit the entire people in the state.

Though his Primary assignment is to make and implement laws, to checkmate excesses in the act of Governance by the Executive, but being a natural by birth he always go beyond his call as a lawmaker. His first point of call to his constituency is to execute the following:

1. Being a lover of Education he processed the bringing of WAEC/NECO Centers in GSS Muninga of Gurin ward

2. Feeling the pains of how people psss through before they can get water,which most atimes is not even portable for domestics use, he vowed to make his constiturncy access to portable eater by drilling 40 Motorised Hand Pumps Boreholes to Fufore ward,Gurin ward,Beti Ward, Ribadu ward,Farang ward Euro Bokki ward and Pariya Ward.

3. Two over heads tank water that will service hundreds of people in Fufore

4.He had ensured the employment slots for the educated and employable segment of his constituents. Most of them are scattered across the state.

1. Being a Young growing politician and a big pillar to the business of politics in Fofure LGA,Maikanti out of wisdom has become one of the deciding individuals in his area.

2. At the just concluded Local Government Chairmanship Primacies in Adamawa state, he wisely supported a salable candidate who is people candidate in Fofure LGA

3. The becoming of Barr. Aliyu Boya has no doubt have the endorsement of Hon. Abubakar Sale Maikanti,the bridge builder of Fofure LGA.

4. His aim is to support the Government of Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow with Meaningful Bills that will move the state forward in terms of Human and Physical Development.

This Young Adamawa lawmaker was born in 29th June,1982 to the Family of sale Abubakar in Muninga village, Gurin District of Fufore local Government, Adamawa state. Immediately conclufing his post primary Educatukn in the Historical Aliyu Musdafa College in Yola 2002 and coming out flying colours.

Having a penchant business orientation, he ventured into business where becomes an international business Man,exporting and importing essential commodities like Rice, Sugar to the countries of Cameroon, Central Africa and Niger.

As a shrewd business Man whose vision is greatness, Sale later diversified his business concept to Oil and Gas, Foreign Exchange and importation of goods from other Europe countries like France, Germany, Netheland,Indonesia,USA and Turkey.

His attitude as a giver,a helper of Man kind that his electorates spotted him as a golden fish that cannot hide at the midst of many waters to represent them in the Adamawa state House of Assembly, the Job he counts it a privilege to serve them.

To his electoral value, Hon.Maikanti had largely fulfilled his social contract with his constituents far beyond his targets within this few months. In areas of education, health, and portable water, the achievements are eloquently vast across his constituency

To Hon. Abubakar Sale is a message of hold on you have not yet seen other side of me. Expects more from me in three years to come,I'm pregnant with a lot of goof tidings to my people.