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Edo 2016: APC, PDP And The Hunt For Party Ticket

By Ben Atu
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It was patriotism that stimulated Augustus Caesar to avow that “I met Rome of bricks, but shall leave it of Marble” it was this same spirit of patriotism that inspired late sage Obafemi Awolowo to contest the presidential election at the age of 74 and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe contested for presidency at the age of 79. The level of our patriotism is usually shown and displayed in our passion to serve.

Leaders ascend height on the ladder of trust reposed on them. For anyone to get into a leadership position, especially a position that is not hereditary, he must have earned the trust of those who made the ascent a reality. The intrigues and controversies that are surrounding the Edo Governorship election is whether old scores should override the general interest of the people.

Edo should not be held down by unnecessary politicking. The enormity of the task ahead of the state does not give room for pettiness and hath campaigned against one another in the build up to the party primaries. It is painful that politicians have always refused to learn that one person alone can be the governor of a state at a time. The consciousness of this fact will help in reducing the level of desperation by politicians in clinching the governorship seat.

The ongoing secrete consultation can now be done in the open with the recent release of the election time table by Inec and the following aspirant and more both in the APC and PDP have indicated their interest and are expected to reveal their blue print for the state in the political field of play.

Ize –Iyamu strength and weaknesses. Pastor Ize-Iyamu is a PDP aspirant in the state. He started his political career as a personal Assistant to chief Lucky Igbinedion when he was a local government chairman. He became the chief of staff to Lucky Igbinedion in 1999 when Igbinedion was the governor. Ize Iyamu later became the secretary to the state government for another four years during the second tenure.

The poor performance of the Igbinedion administration was a collective because Ize –Iyamu was the main engine room of the failed Igbinedion administration. The aspiration of Ize –Iyamu according to the people cannot fly because he will return Edo State back to the hand of Lucky Igbinedion whom the people sees as the worst governor that the state has ever produced since the inception of democracy in 1999.

The media sees Ize-Iyamu as the continuation of the maladministration of his boss. Apart from been a key member of the administration that failed the state, Ize-Iyamu is seen by the public and his own supporters as the most inconsistent politician in the state because of the way he change from one party to the order in search of greener pasture which has expose his desperation for power.So far, Ize Iyamu has not reveal his agenda for the state. Godwin Obaseki. His strength and weaknesses Goodwin Obaseki an APC aspirant has never been known in the political scene apart from his sudden appearance with Governor Adams Oshiomhole.

He has spent all his career life in the financial institution advising multinational companies and different nations of the world on financial management and prudency in governance. He is part of the brain behind the well co-ordinated Dangote Financial dynasty as a consultant and close associate of the Richest Man in Africa Aliko Dangote.

Godwin Obaseki was appointed by governor Adams Oshiomhole as the Chairman of the state economic team and has occupied that position since the inception of the Oshiomhole administration till date. He is the engine room and the co-coordinating minister of Edo State who draw the developmental blue print of the state as he has been doing for other great industries and nations of the world. He has been part of the success and challenges of the Oshiomhole administration.

Godwin Obaseki had the offer to become a commissioner or any other position in the state where he would have amass wealth for himself but prefer to serve where he would he more useful to the state in the economic team. For the past seven and half years, Obaseki has served as the chairman of the state economic team without salary or compensation. Obaseki is the only aspirant from both the PDP and the APC aspirant who has not been stain or accused for any political issue in the state.

The Benin born entrepreneur and multinational company consultant who recent declare his intention to run for the state number one position said with his wealth of experience, they have been able to manage the state financial system that has ensured that Edo state remain one state in Nigeria that that is still able to pay salaries to civil servants, pensions and still meet the financial obligations to all contractors.

He has vow to industrialize Edo state when he emerge as the next governor of the state by taking advantage of the Electricity and cement which are dominant in the state as a key building blocks for industrialization and job creation. He has explained his passion to serve the state as a reason for his voluntary service to the state in the past years without salary.

A record which no politician in the state can challenge since the inception of democracy in 1999 in Edo State. He mention power, Housing, Agriculture and Agro Processing; mining and extractive industries including petrochemicals and information technology as the bedrock upon which he would grow the economy of the state as a display of true patriotism that stimulated Augustus Caesar who said“I met Rome of bricks, but shall leave it of Marble”Obaseki has not defected from APC to any other political party. He does not have a political blood or thoughts. He reads rather than play around.

Uzamere his strength and weaknesses. Uzamere is a two term senator from two different political party. An architect by profession put has been accused as an architect who does not stay to build in times of challenges. His inconsistency in speech and actions made it difficult for people to place where he actually belongs. He has dumped several of his political leaders and supporters for personal interest in the past years.

These factors are ahead waiting to be an obstacle that may lead to his defection to the nearest available party. Odubu his strength and weaknesses. Odubu is the deputy governor of the state. He was a former member of the house of representative and a grassroot politician. His greatest challenge are members of his own household from Edo south who believe he has been in the political state for too long and should step out of the stage for other sons and daughters of Edo south to grow.

Those who believe he has receive enough patronage from his people said he has benefited enough for more than sixteen years. His ambitoion may also suffer set back based on the face-off between him and his governor. Iduoriyekemwen strength and weaknesses. He was a two term member of the Edo State house of Assembly and former NDDC commissioner.

Mathew is the political Son of Tony Anenih and the multiplier effect on him is high. Givin him the ticket may equal returning the state back to the era of god fatherism and backward development which characterize the PDP under the leadership of Chief anenih as the leader of the party. Iduoriyekemwen is a close associate of Hon. Ejaife Odebala a former failed governorship aspirant in Delta State. Odebala has also been seen to be a bad influence on Mathew that will rule Edo state from Delta, based on their closeness and soul tide.

Osunbor, his strength and weaknesses The former governor of Edo state between May 2007 and November 2008 cannot really be condemned but also have nothing to show for his eighteen months of reign in the state. He based his ambition on the zoning arrangement but political analyst are saying the turn was given to Edo Central but was upturn by the court in favour of Edo North he has been encouraged not to whip unnecessary sentiment from supporter rather should blamed his removal on the illegality of the PDP that brought him into power in 2007. Osunbor would have been a prefer candidate but the fear of returning back to his home based party (PDP) has affected his chances.

Edebiri strength and weakness A palace chief of Benin Kingdom and a former governorship aspirant UNDER the platform of the ANPP in 2012. Edebiri though a jentle man but find himself in a radical political party who do not understand the language of peaceful election. His chance of having the ticket is slim because of the activities of other aspirant withing the PDP withing the party will not give room for a peaceful conduct of the primary as expected by an apostle of peace like him. Imansuangbon his strength and weaknesses.

Mr rice man who distribute rice to the down trodden in the society. Though one aspirant to watch out for, he is been critised that he is too desperate to rule Edo State and a new member of the APC.Imansuangbon has distributed items to various people but governance is beyond the distribution of food and other items to the public.

This has made some analyst to child his aspiration to be the next governor of Edo State. As the struggle to lay hold on the number one seat continue in the state, we must not undermind the need for a successful technocrate as our next governor. A close look at all the incumbent governor in Nigeria you discover that we have less politicians and more technocrat.

The politicians themselves have come to realize this fact hence the former Lagos state governor Fashiola and former governor Godswill Akpabio handed over their state to a technocrat who are better managers than politicians who milk state resources. The current developmental stride in Edo State today was made possible because the governor surrounded himself with more technocrat than polticians.

We need a sacrificial leader like the chairman of the state economic and strategic team who has serve the state and instrumental to the successful implementation of the state blue print without salary or compensation. Godwin Obaseki has been in the fore front preaching the need for government to synchronize development in the rural and urban area rather than making rural communities to feel dejected and forgotten.

According to him, true change must be purposeful. As a driver of change, Godwin Obaseki is out to replicate the success story that he has manifested in as a financial expert and economy consultant to successful multinational organization.

Benjamin Atu Political analyst wrote fromBenin City

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