By Adeola Ikuomola
With whisperings in the winds
And huge murmurings in the waters
Night came like the drunken town crier
Locking the four cardinal points together
Substances and shadows clocked one
The skies cast off their white garments
Darkness was a hunger-stricken cobra
Swallowing sparse settlements like eggs
Voices laundered the soft breeze
Lamps wandered from floors to basins
Painting fishermen’s faces in gray colours
Exchanging their scales for coins and papers
Bats in their solemn night parades
Eulogised the multilayered darkness
Their key eternal ally in act of terrorism
Celebrating the down fall of moon and stars
Your artfulness
Exhibits my emptiness
Culture me on early rays
Like sun rays on your trays
Your potent poetry
Exhibits my broken pottery
Conduct me into your world
To pluck the eternal literary word
Your purified plays
Exhibit my ruinous clays
Interpret my innermost dreams
To nurse my wounds with creams
Your air powers
Exhibit my downed towers
Let me elope with your wings
To reign supreme in the four winds
Mother moon and baby stars
Walking on the arterial stairs
In blissfully laced sanctuaries
Uphold blessed anniversaries
Mother moon and baby stars
Examining our confused scars
In war and in peace bondages
To ease our genetic bandages
Lead me away like milky cattle
And off from the bloody battle
Our words call for an ear-piece
In a world divorced from peace
Mother moon and baby stars
Call me up when sunrays rise
To see and nurse my old scars
Like my breached bags of rice