Emerhor Says Competition Will Reduce Pump Price Of Fuel, Urges Organized Labour To Partner With FG

Source: Dr. Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe

Financial expert and Leader of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Delta State, Olorogun Otega Emerhor has appealed to Nigerians to join hands with the federal government to rebuild the nation's ecomony saying that review of pump price of fuel and total removal of subsidy is the right and only positive choice for the govovernment to move the economy forward.

The APC chieftain in a statement released by his Director of Media and Political Communication, Dr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe asserted that the current low oil prices and the poor state of the economy, government cannot afford to be the sole importer of fuel or continue to subsidise same.

According to him "In spite of the short term hardship on Nigerians, this move has already eliminated fuel queues nationwide which will now speed up industrial and commercial activities for rapid economic growth.

"Long term competition will bring reduced prices. Moreover, aside from eliminating the corruption associated with the fuel subsidy regime, the savings from the non payment of subsidy will go a long way to provide social welfare to those at the lower rung of the economy.

"I request Nigerians to show understanding and not to be lured or deceived by those who perpetually want the status quo of corruption and crisis to remain, to support protesting the new policy.

"These paid serial protesters that brand themselves ambassadors of the masses reap financial benefits from contriving crisis in the name of fighting for the masses. They continue to fight any bold move by government to pull the economy from the doldrums.

Nigerians must support Buhari to save the economy. Nigerians must brace up for these short term discomforts in readiness to reaping a bumper future."

Emerhor appealed to organized labour not to go on with its perceived nationwide strive but to see the future gains associated with subsidy removal.

He said we do not need strike actions at this critical time of nation building. All hands must be on deck to ensure the socioeconomic survival and growth of our country because government will save huge financial resources that would be deployed towards the provision of dividends of democracy for Nigerians.

In all of these, the good news is that pump price of fuel will crash drastically in the near future as currently experienced and enjoyed by Nigerians in the telecommunction sector, the statement added.