Microsoft Offers $1billion Dollar Cloud Subscription And Office365 to NGOs and Civil Society Groups

By Regina Whenu

Lagos Nigeria, 11 May 2016: Towards increasing the productivity of Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and civil society groups, leading technological company, Microsoft is offering $1billion dollar Cloud subscriptions and Office365 to these groups.

This cheering news was delivered at Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja by Opeyemi Olaniran, Premier Field Engineer Manager, at Microsoft representing the Managing Director, Microsoft Nigeria, Kabelo Makwane, at the just concluded Tech4Good program organised by Microsoft Nigeria in partnership with Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN).

Speaking through the Citizenship Manager, Microsoft Nigeria, Olusola Amusan said the global initiative was created to empower nonprofit organizations, especially those whose vision aligns with that of the United Nations.

Amusan said that, “The Tech4Good day is an annual event which was formally known as the NGO Connection Day, it further restates our commitment to providing technology for the social good. Also, Nigerian based Nonprofits have access to the $1billion dollar cloud offering that Microsoft is giving out to nonprofits in the world, and the power of Office365 which helps them to be more efficient and productive in their work.”

Commenting on the program, Executive Director, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, Gbenga Sesan said that the Tech4Good platform had given PIN the opportunity to further project its interest in technology.

“We are a non-profit social enterprise interested in technology, and this is an opportunity for us to encourage other non-profit to learn more about technology.”

Speaking on the power of social media on the NGOs and its relevance in their communications plan, Digital Media Manager, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, Olamide Egbayelo advised NGOs to be more strategic.

While helping the NGOs present strengthen their focus, Egbayelo said that, “In determining the role of social media in our communications plan, we need to consider who our target is. Usually my first question to NGOs is: ‘what is your aim as a nonprofit organization? Who are you targeting?’

Some will say they are targeting everybody; that is absolutely impossible, because there are over 7billion people in the world, over 3billion people on social media and over 2billion active people on the social media. You cannot target everybody, but you can target a particular audience to make that much impact.”

She also touched on the power of digital marketing for non-profits, adding that, “Having identified your target audience, you need to come up with a content plan to make your social media messaging deliberate and concise. Also bear in mind that your social media page is your brand, as such as you are not only targeting your, audience but also your donors.”

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