Militants Declare Bid For Sovereign State Of Niger Delta


SAN FRANCISCO, May 13, (THEWILL) – New militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers has threatened to launch its currency, passport, ruling council, territory and flag in October 2016, revealing that its membership stretches across states in the Niger Delta and the South-East.

“By October 2016 we will display our currency, flag, passport, our ruling council and our territory to the world,” the NDA said.

This was contained in a statement entitled: “Congrats to all strike teams of the Niger Delta Avenger,” signed yesterday by the Avenger's spokesman, 'Colonel' Mudoch Agbinibo, who stressed that its motivation for destroying Nigeria's oil and gas infrastructure was to actualize the sovereign state of Niger Delta.

The band of militants had claimed responsibility for the major Chevron trunk line feeding tank farm in Escravos, and that of Chevron Valve Platform situated deep offshore around Abiteye.

Agbinibo congratulated his colleagues that carried out the coordinated attacks for ensuring that oil and gas facilities were destroyed without taking any innocent life of either civilians or military, adding that it has succeeded in shutting down 50 per cent of crude production.

“We congratulate our loyal and gallant soldiers who put human lives before their targets. On behalf of the Niger Delta people, we say congratulation as we have crippled the Nigerian economy by 50 per cent, by the grace of God we will make it 100 percent if our demands are not met soon,” he said.

The statement explained that the modus operandi of the NDA was more civilized than what ex-agitators like ex-militant warlord, Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo, adopted in their struggle that culminated in the amnesty programme.

It reads, “Our agitation is more civilized than yours; the Niger Delta Avengers is more concerned with people of Niger Delta unlike you (ex-agitators) that were into kidnapping, killing of Nigerian soldiers, sea pirates, vessel and tanker hijacking.

“But we were able to carry out all our operations without killing a fly. We have sophisticated arms far better than what you use to have during your kidnapping days.

“After the amnesty programme you (ex-agitators) have been enjoying patronage from the government and royalty from multinational oil companies, while we (Avengers) have been strategizing on how the voice of the Niger Deltans can be heard. We are fighting a radical fight without taking any life.”

Agbinibo, who boasted that its present members are young, educated, well-traveled, declared that the NDA was not appealing to the agitators of yesteryears to join the renewed struggle.

“In as much as we respect you as our elder brothers (ex-agitators) please don't dare to stand on our way because if you do we will crush you,” it noted.

The statement further threatened that if the military dare to harass or invade any community in the region in view of the attack on oil and gas facilities, there will be a reprisal and violent attack from the group against the military.

It stressed that the struggle was not limited to the Niger Delta region alone but has spread its tentacles to the South-East, urging the South-Easterners to stop condemning their actions.

“The Commander of Strike team 9 of the Niger Delta Avengers is from Eastern Nigeria. So nobody should limit this struggle to the Ijaws of the Niger Delta only. The leader of the strike team six that blew up chevron valve platform is Itsekiri. The Commander of our elite team strike team one is from Akwa Ibom.

“So, if you are calling us empty heads just know that your brothers are part of Niger Delta Avengers as well. Avengers is different from former agitators who limited the struggle to just the Ijaws,” Agbinibo added.