5 Needs Before Money | Part One (1) by @disturbingafrik

By DisturbingAfrik

Money has proven to be one of, if not the top most priority in the world, currently, it's so true that it has misplaced its competition in everyone's scale of preference in Africa. Money doesn't vie for a post with any other material or want as we have chosen it to be, as seen in everyday activities we engage in, in Africa.

Consequently, most people these days can't go a day without having a quarrel with someone in their profession, business field, peer group, social community or in friendship with them, over money.

As a matter of fact, everyone is conscious of the least denomination that leaves their pockets aside five naira note which can't afford drinking water due to the decrease in business flow in Nigeria. Nigerian kids don't even buy the idea of having five naira for candy anymore, they too are conscious about money - they know what they want and know how much it will cost to claim that happiness. For some people, money is happiness.

Practically, these living people have a greater pursuit of money than happiness; a product of peace of mind.

Peace of Mind.
Nollywood, Gallywood and the rest of the film houses producing african-made movies, can always relate to peace of mind in their story-line in situations where the character(s) of the movie

suffer agony as a result of their decisions on the pursuit of money over happiness. This is when the character rather consults a native doctor a.k.a "juju" man than God Almighty - as seen in the movies.

The original owner of whatsapp messaging app, before Mark used money to possess the idea, Jan Koum, today can confirm that he lost a lifetime of happiness when he sold the application. This has caused him unrest as the money gotten from the application sale still couldn't replace the inner peace created by his original pursuit of happiness.

I don't care if you serve Allah, Oluwa, Chukwu, for me, those are religious native names, there is only one God - The God Almighty. Ask yourself these questions.

How come I sleep and wake another day?
[Hint: Somebody or a phenomenon is responsible for this; and somebody makes phenomenon, so somebody is responsible - mind you, before this time frame, you can never certify or tell the complete meaningful experience (dream), unless God lives in you; most times you can't remember the experience].

How come I feel alive anytime I'm conscious? Who gives me life? Despite I am a bad omen and get attacked physically, mentally, spiritually and otherwise most times in dreams and real life due to my wrong decisions and involvements sometimes, how am I still alive?

To be continued...
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