The Mobile Shadows

By Adeola Ikuomola
Cold swamp and saw grasses
Maintain glossy glass houses
Merry maggots and mousers
Flared like fair candle flames
With the famished frying pan
Marking her punctuated span
Arrayed the deep in ash cloth
Like a tomb aspiring briefcase
The broken shadows multiply
Like the broken waves’ gowns
Industry gives birth to faggots
And maggots glorifying vanity
As lightning reigns in currency
And soft treasury in waterfalls
Nightmares walk upon sunrays
To auction the mobile shadows
Fresh juice for jagged jaws
Coated with trust folklores
In violation of natural laws
Unity crashes on the floors
Fruit trees showcase beads
In the brightness of the sky
For love the larks send bids
Skyrocketing in a swift style
Love erases hostilities down
Like floaters on the high sea
Peace in an additional gown
Lifts unity for mortals to see
Harmony, a life gown to sew
With needles born to thread
World in one accord to show
Celebrating with living bread