Success shouldn’t be a do or die affair- Olamide


YBNL boss, Olamide can be fun to be when he is not rapping on stage or cooking music. There have been a lot of questions that fans have always wanted to ask him about his personal life. Lately, the father of one has shown us that he is a caring father.

Olamide and his son are the best of buddies as the singer spends more than enough quality time with his son, Batifeori.

The last time we checked, we saw the two of them chilling inside his G-Wagon automobile. Olamide also revealed that little Bat short form for Batifeori loves climbing.
Olamide doesn't believe that success should be a thing to die for if it is not coming to you.

He has shared some wise nuggets on attaining success. He said: “Success shouldn't be a do or die affair. Success is something that you can feel, you can tell and you can smell it. You can sense it every now and then; every step you take even if things are not looking positive for you. So if you cannot feel all these things then you have made the wrong decision.”

This is one of the reasons he picks an artist and transform that person to a world class performer.