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Bisimillahi Rahmanu Rahim!!

By Nafata Bamaguje
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- March 2002, Mecca Saudi Arabia. 15 girls were burnt to death because Saudi religious police (Mutaween) beat and prevented them from leaving a burning building as they weren't wearing Abaya – the unsightly tent-like black garment Muslim girls/women compelled to wear in that backward Sharia country.

- Oct 2008, Kismayo Somalia. Aisha Duhulow, a 13 year old gang-rape victim was buried up to her neck and stoned to death by Al-Shabaab (Somalia's Sharia Islamists) for indulging in extra-marital sex. Her rapists went scot free.

- April 1994, Gujranwala Pakistan. Hafiz Sajjad Tariq, a devout Muslim accidentally dropped a copy of the Koran in a fireplace. Local Mullahs instantly issued a Fatwa of apostasy and he was attacked by an irate mob stoned then burnt to death.

- April 2009, Sindh Pakistan. 18 Hindu girls were abducted and forcibly converted to Islam. Their Hindu parents were then forbidden to see or talk to their “Muslim” daughters.

- International Religious Freedom report (2005-2009), Helsinki Commission Report (2006) and Human Rights Watch Report (2007/ 2009) all condemn numerous cases of abduction, forced Islamization and marriage of Coptic Christian girls in Egypt.

- October 2009, Mogadishu. Somalia's Al-Shabaab Islamists ban push-up bras because they are “deceptive”. UK's Daily Mail reports that women who appeared to have firm busts were rounded up and “inspected” to see if the firmness was natural.

- Dec 2007, Mississauga Ontario, Canada. 16 year old Aqsa Parvez was strangled by her Pakistani father for not wearing Hijab – the hideous head/neck-covering Muslim women are obliged to wear.

- July 2006; UN Population Fund estimates 5000 honor killing annually, most which occur in Muslim countries. Pakistan leads the Islamic world with over 1000 honor killings annually.

- May 2009, Gloucester UK: 42 year old Muslim chemist, Sahnoun Daifallah was convicted of contaminating goods sold to non-Muslims with his own faeces and urine.

- May 2009, Khalapur India. Amandeep Banwait, a14-year-old Hindu schoolboy was murdered for befriending a Muslim girl.

- November 2007, Khartoum Sudan. Gillian Gibbons, 54 year old English teacher was sentenced to 40 lashes of flogging because her Muslim primary pupils named the class teddy bear “Mohammed”. Islamic clerics and thousands of protesting Muslims wielding knives & clubs denounced the “lenient verdict” and demanded for her execution.

- April 2010, Shueba Yemen. Elham Assi, 13 year old child bride bled to death after being raped by her paedophile “husband”. Islamic paedophillia is grounded in “Prophet” Mohammed's sexual assault of 9 year old Aisha, his favourite “wife” - Sahih Bukhari 7:62:64, 88; 5:55:236.

- April 2010, Toronto Canada. Federal Immigration officials complain about Muslims smuggling in child brides from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

- April 2010, Abuja Nigeria. In accordance with the Quranic injunction allowing Muslim men to discard older wives and replace them with new ones (Q 4:20), Muslim Senator Ahmed Yerima divorces the 2nd of his 4 wives in other to “marry” a 13 year old child. In Nigeria's Islamist north, thousands of underage child-wives are abandoned by their paedophile husbands when these little girls develop VVF (vesico-vaginal fistula) and dribble urine - a complication of obstructed labour during underage child birth.

- March 2002, Abuja Nigeria. Muslims in the National Assembly blocked ratification of the UN convention against child marriages, wife beating and gender discrimination, on the grounds that the provisions of the treaty were contrary to Islam. Accordingly eleven Islamist northern states refuse to endorse Nigeria's Child Right's Act 2003, which among other provisions raises marital age to 18 years.

- 2005, Njamena Chad. Muslim clerics blocked a law banning wife-beating, describing the legislation as unIslamic (Q 4:34).

- May 2009, Prestwick UK. Muslim dentist, Omer Butt refuses to treat women not wearing the Hijab.

- December 2009 Saudi Arabia. Khamisa Mohammed Sawadi, a 75 year old granny was sentenced to 40 lashes of flogging because she kindly accommodated two homeless young men.

- February 2010, Peshawar Pakistan. Taliban beheads 3 Sikhs for refusing to convert to Islam.

- UK 2007. Female Muslim medical students in Leicester, Sheffield and Birmingham Universities refuse to wash their wrists and forearms in accordance with Department of Health guidelines to prevent MRSA infection. Dr Abdul Katme of UK's Islamic Medical Association, explains it is unIslamic for women to bare their arms below the elbow.

- November 2009, Fort Hood Texas, USA. After distributing free copies of Quran, US Army Major Nidal Hassan embarks on shooting spree as he shouted Allahu Akbar; killing 13 and wounding 30 of his fellow American soldiers.

- Since 9/11 there has been over 10,000 Islamic terrorist acts globally, and Muslims are the major victims, although attacks against non-Muslims often more sensational.

- February 2009, Kabul Afghanistan. An Afghan court sentences 2 Afghans (Ghows Zalmay, Qari Ahmad) to 20 years imprisonment for translating the Quran from the Arabic to Dari, a supposedly inferior local language. The prosecutor and Mullahs in that Islamist backwater actually wanted the translators executed.

- April 2009, Kalkilya West bank. Palestinian Authority officials discover Hamas bomb factory inside a mosque. If Israel had attacked the mosque, it would have been a propaganda coup for the protagonists of media-hyped “Israeli atrocities” against “innocent” Palestinians.

- May 2007, Cairo Egypt. Sheik Ezzat Atiya, president of Hadith department at Al-Azhar University - Sunni Islam's most authoritative think tank - issues a fatwa instructing females in mixed gender workplace to breastfeed their unrelated male adult co-workers so that it becomes Islamically permissible for them to work together. The fatwa was in accordance with a Hadith directive from none other than Islam's founder – Mohammed (Sahih Muslim 8:3425).

- January 2009, Saudi Arabia. Hamoud Saleh Al-Amri, a Saudi Christian convert was arrested, but international outrage compelled his release, only after being declared mentally unstable. Apparently no sane person can leave Islam. If he were sane, he would have to be executed for apostasy.

- March 2010, Saudi Arabia. Ali Sabat, a Lebanese Muslim pilgrim was sentenced to death by beheading for the offence of “witchcraft”, because he did what our own pastors TB Joshua and Tunji Bakare regularly do here in Naija – make predict the future. In November 2007, Mustafa Ibrahim, an Egyptian working in Saudi Arabia was similarly beheaded for sorcery.

- July 2009, Islamabad Pakistan. Pakistani military uncovers Taliban scheme for buying children used as expendable suicide bombers. The price was $7000 -10,000/child.

- March 2009, Samira Jassim, 51 year old Iraqi woman recruited female suicide bombers by first orchestrating their rape, and then convincing the raped ladies the family shame can only be cleansed by martyrdom.

- March 2009 Kabul Afghanistan. Afghan Supreme Court upholds 20-year jail term for blasphemy handed to 28 year old Afghan journalist Sayed Kambakhsh because he campaigned for gender equality. "If a Muslim man can have 4 wives, why shouldn't a wife have 4 husbands?" he blasphemed on his internet blog.

- March 2009, 300 Afghan women protesting a new Islamic law legitimizing rape in marriage were stoned by Muslim men chanting “death to slaves of the Christians”.

- February 2009, Pakistan. Dawn News reports that Taliban in Pakistan's Swat valley announced that families with unmarried females should come forward in mosques so that the women/girls be compulsorily married off. In accordance with the wicked Fatwa, the Taliban publicly lashed a 17 year-old girl who she refused to marry a Taliban soldier.

- March 2010, Hawalli governorate, Kuwait. A Muslim Kuwaiti woman was arrested and charged because she broke Ramadan fast by chewing gum. Queried by her law enforcement captors, she responded that she was simply exercising her personal freedom – a concept clearly alien to Islam.

- Irving Texas, January 1st 2008; Amina (18) and her sister Sarah (17) Said were gunned down by their father, Yaser Abdel Said for having non-Muslim boyfriends.

- November 2006, Riaz Ahmed, a British immigrant from Pakistan, burned his whole family alive (his wife, 39, and their four daughters, 3-16 years of age) for their Western lifestyle and his wife's refusal of arranged Islamic marriages for their daughters.

- October 1991, Kano Nigeria. Simon Ibrahim, former Muslim turned pastor was attacked by rioting Muslim mob, beaten and castrated with his right eye plucked out then left to die.

- November 2009, Mallawi Egypt. Mina Emad Shoyeb, a 23-year-old Coptic Christian was attacked by a Muslim mob for patronizing a Muslim brothel.

Nafata Bamaguje