A Narrative

By Adeola Ikuomola
Inwardly I can feel the faithful warmth
Of the fortunate breath of dewy dawn
Laying her soft forehead on my breasts
Like the potent beams lapping the seas
On those lapels of the eloquent skies
I commit my fledging poetic particles
Aboard those wings-generated winds
For tutorials in the fair foreign facilities
In their soothing internal resources
My refreshing foreign affairs repose
For their dewy landscapes I was born
In the forest of thunderous cockcrows
Behold my new eloquent fountain pen
My encompassed sailor and my tailor
The unbroken and unbendable dictator
My broad head, dental and heart ache
Mother moon and her baby stars
The obligatory targets of the dark
Hang their snow white dormitory
On the sharp lifeline in the galaxy
Granted communal terminal leave
Broken shadows for the early beef
On pilgrimage beneath a dead leaf
Ordained their heads with a heave
With contrary tunes from the altar
Where light beam has dark to alter
When the voices of harmony falter
In pure peace the city seeks shelter
The night coded in delicate dreams
Renewed herself with bold streams
Like sweet hearts filled to the brims
Cheering daybreak’s sparkly creams
Disengaged from the fray
Caught on the sunny tray
On the multinational clay
Shadows grouped to play
During the night elections
The owls scaled selections
For fear-squared deletions
The dark shared dejections
I have seen your star, Ruth
Along galaxies’ main route
Like bold trees’ crown root
With storm cargoes to loot
Here is the truth sadly slain
On high mountains so plain
In my heart is the cold stain
For the swift airborne plane
A fleet of steady stealthy steps
Like dark-crowned night towns
Echo the precision-faring boots
For the economic state matters
With safety and beauty coupon
From black-gold smith’s wagon
Crawling into a deep deception
Stripping soul in dark sigh ways
Scripting gyre-grid graced greed
To showcase a cankerous jacket
Like the raw laughter of the sea
Rippling deep sores at seashore
A fleet of stealing steps of steels
For quickening safes’ accessories
Bells of pains in the granary fairs
Slay sick hearts in ferocious acids