IOM Niger Opens “Odysseus 2.0” Information Campaign Exhibit

By International Office of Migration (IOM)

On Friday 6th May 2016 an exhibition of video reports and a collection of photos taken for the “Odysseus 2.0” project was inaugurated at the Franco-Nigerien Cultural Center Jean Rouch (CCFN) in Niamey, Niger.

The 30 pictures taken by project directors Luca Pistone and Andrea de Georgio are being shown in the courtyard of the centre and six videos are being continuously screened in a dedicated space through May 28th.

“Odysseus 2.0” is a project which shows the main route of migration from West Africa to Europe, produced as part of an information campaign: "Supporting informed migration in Niger", co-financed by the European Union and the Italian Ministry of Interior.

The scenarios presented in the short documentaries are through the eyes of migrants going to Libya and Europe from Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Senegal. One is shot in Libya and one in Lampedusa, Italy.

“The opening night of the exhibition at CCFN Niamey was a real success and an excellent opportunity for exchanges and discussion with key institutional and humanitarian actors involved in migration from West Africa to Europe,” said IOM Niger's Marina Schramm.

“We chose the CCFN for this event as symbol of culture and internationalism. Our initiative aimed to show the strong commitment of IOM Niger in cultural activities which constitute the most powerful means of communication. IOM promotes migration in its positive aspect, as a source for exchange of ideas, identities and social capital. Those are fundamental elements for human development in general,” she added.

The event was organized by the IOM Niger in collaboration with CCFN. Participants included government officials, UN agencies, NGOs and diplomats from France, the United States, Spain and Saudi Arabia.