I'll do everything possible to keep Nigeria as one – Buhari

By The Citizen

President Muhammadu Buhari has vowed to do everything possible to keep Nigeria as one.

President Buhari who bore his mind at Emir's Palace, Katsina during the beginning of his two day official visit to the state Monday, recalled with nostalgia colossal lives that were lost during the Nigerian civil war all in a bid to ensure our unity.

'I always say the civil war was fought for the unity of Nigeria because as at the time we have not even discovered oil let alone enjoying it, and we must not also forget that about two million people were killed'.

Buhari lamented that it was rather unfortunate that 'recently, some people who were not even born then are saying they want to divide Nigeria'.

The President noted 'with the way Sahara is advancing, with Boko Haram, growing number of people and uncertainty over rainfall, in a land where we fought civil war leading to the death of about two million, it would be foolhardy for someone to just say he would chase us away'.

Buhari further assured that his administration would do all that is within his powers to ensure the continuous existence of Nigeria as a peaceful and one united entity.

The President who admitted that he knows the difficulties Nigerians are passing through said government was doing everything possible to change the fortunes of the nation.

He appealed to Nigerians to go back to farm as it remains the viable option out of our current economic quagmire, as he further added 'those who don't have should the necessary wherewithal should learn trade'. - Vanguard.