Why 9-year-old girl wants to return to Sambisa 'husband'- Gov. Shettima

By The Citizen

Governor Kashim Shettima has attributed the main reason why a nine year-old girl res¬cued from Boko Haram would want to return to her 'husband' to exces¬sive indoctrination.

One of the 64 hostages released from Boko Ha¬ram hideouts in Sambisa forest repeatedly cried last week to return to her 'hubby' in the Boko Haram enclave during handing over of the hos¬tages by the military to the state governor.

The governor de¬scribed the development as sad.
'Imagine a small girl who is just nine years old crying to return to her Boko Haram husband in the bush to continue with the life of terror¬ists. This clearly shows the insurgents have been indoctrinating their cap¬tives and hostages,' the governor said weekend at Dikwa during a visit to officers and soldiers of the 22 Brigade of the Nigerian Army.

He said Boko Haram have abducted many people especially boys and girls and indoctri¬nate them in ways that they become unwilling even in accepting free¬dom. He urged troops not to relent, adding that the government and people of the state ap¬preciated the sacrifices being made by the mili¬tary troops, not only in securing communities previously held by Boko Haram but trailing the insurgents to their hide¬outs.

'We will be eternally grateful to you, officers and men of the Nigerian military for the huge sac¬rifices you're making,' he said, promising to rebuild the operational base of the newly estab¬lished brigade destroyed by the insurgents. He also announced the do¬nation of two 4-wheel drive vehicles to the bri¬gade for its operations. – The Sun.