Hanks On The Run

Source: nigeriafilms.com
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Flamboyant Actor Hanks Anuku, made history on Tuesday (31st June, 2005) when he openly showed the stuff he was made of. Placing him amongst the likes of Ben Johnson.

It all started around 3:30pm at the National Theatre Igamu, Sururlere. Just in front of the office of the Actors Guild of Nigeria(AGN), Lagos Chapter. Hanks drove recklessly into the premises in his Bmw 7series(1996 model) as if the devil himself was chasing him.He had just finished shooting a scene for a moive,we were told. Miraculously, he was able to park his ride without incident, though he spent more than 15 minutes deciding on whether he wanted to alight from his ride……. 'we actually wondered if he was shy'. He finally came down from his ride, and it was so obvious that Hanks was “as high as a kite”. High on what; we don't know. But we assumed it was on Lager(Star) which is actually his brand. Hank as usual was out to make a statement, spotting a ridiculous ' Bob Marley' kind of wig or attachment. Oblivious of everyone, Hanks strode purposefully towards a nearby makeshift pub and entered. The next thing we knew was that, Hanks came running out fast with a large plate of peppered meat in his hands. As he made his way back to his ride, we went to meet the owner of the establishment to get an explanation for Hanks very strange behavior. He shrugged and replied sorrowfully “he always behaves like this, when he is acting”.

After eating his “hard earned meal”, Hanks now got up and again walked to another joint where he got a bottle of Star; thankfully he settled his bill this time around. On walking back to his car, he came across some members of the Actors Guild of Nigeria(AGN), Lagos Chapter. Who were deliberating on some crucial matters. One of which is the internal crisis that's going on right now in the Guild. On sighting them, Hanks stopped. Holding his beer in one hand, he started shouting and harassing them. They all tactfully avoided him……and we don't blame them, Hank was actually looking very intimidating.

As Hanks got back to his ride, he sat beside it and continued drinking his beer. Strangely as he was consuming his beer, Hanks began to, actually talk to himself. Obviously not concerned that everyone was watching him.