LGA Salaries Delay: A Good Intention To Do The Best By Bindow Administration

By Tom Garba, Yola

One of the first Policy pronouncements made by Governor Mohammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow the day he assumed to office as the executive Governor of Adamawa state was that the people of the state must feel the impact of his regime from all phases.

He categorically restated his commitment that his Government is a people policy oriented one with keen concern to work and turn the state into a new one, to promptly look to the needs of the state's civil servants as they are the hub for the state's economy growth.

While on board piloting the affairs of the state,books were opened,others books were also opened only to discovered a serious financial irregularities to the accounts of local Government workers Salaries by the past Government to frustrate the efforts of the present administration from changing Adamawa for good was perpetrated by them.

Being the people Governor, having them at pinnacle of his heart, Bindow ordered a proper screening and rescreening of the Local staffs, investigations were conducted only to discovered staff have been shortages of many entitlements especially in some primaries schools, the exercise also revealed that some schools that are in Government payrolls are much more than the registered pupils in the school. Meaning to say that there has been saboteurs in the system that need to be clean rot to allow the system work better.

The lingering problem has now laid to permanent rest and a well design solution was proffered to the problem,sooner or a bit little longer all faces of LGA staff will be wearing smiles. The Bindow for social change is driving fast for making sure all people in Adamawa is indeed beautifying every body with his own style of leadership.

The good story and a reaffirm assurances was given today (Thursday) in Yola by Executive Governor, Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow that all Local Government staff will soon be smiling, as all modalities have been put in place for their salaries, allowances and all benefit to be paid in no distance time.