A Response To Azeez Adeduntan’s Lies And Denigration Of Medical Practitioners In Uch And Adeoyo Hospital

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As one of the medical practitioners who has had a rare opportunity of practicing medicine in Nigeria and abroad; my attention has been drawn to a local radio personality program in which one Dr Azeez Adeduntan lambasted medical practitioners with particular reference to those in University College Hospital, UCH and Adeoyo Hospital, Ibadan.

In the said radio interview, Adeduntan who is based in United States of America committed fallacies of unwarranted assumptions all for self-glorification and expediency.

He referred to medical practitioners at UCH and Adeoyo hospitals as mediocre and quacks following what he regarded as his personal experience when he visited the two medical facilities.

While it is normal for any human being to express his/her opinion on any issue; it is however very wrong for Dr Adeduntan to completely rubbish the entire medical practitioners at both UCH and Adeoyo hospital. Yes, Dr Adeduntan, the standard may not be there as to what obtains in U.S. and other developed countries of the world but you should know that Nigerian medical practitioners are among the best medical practitioners in the world.

Before you try to play the role of Ostrich; you should know that many of the best black medical practitioners we have in these developed countries started in UCH before becoming some of the world's best. Perhaps, if you have had that opportunity of practicing at UCH; you will understand better the knowledge and mastery of medicine that is in this medical facility.

Even in United States of America where you reside; there are many good Nigerian medical practitioners who unlike you have excelled in their various choosing endeavors. Despite the fact these people have recorded huge successes in their careers; they still give credit to their root and not in any way try to weaken or denigrate it.

You should remember that it is the mediocre in UCH that saved the lives of the under-age girl impregnated by you when she had problem recently. We have it on record that these medical practitioners you referred to as quacks at UCH have saved the lives of two women linked to you in the past.

You equally claimed in the radio interview that you have a foundation that caters for the health needs of the less privileged individuals in the society. You equally claimed that you have an operating room in your foundation headquarters in Ibadan.

I challenge you to allow members of the press to come to your foundation to confirm the authenticity of your claims.

I equally challenge you to publish the names, telephone numbers of all those you claimed have benefited from your foundation.  Please also provide members of the public the names and other details of those you have flown abroad for treatment.

I also want Dr Adeduntan who referred to medical practitioners in UCH and Adeoyo as quacks to publish the certificate of the only nurse he employed at his foundation headquarters in Ibadan.

I'm sure you can never provide us with the relevant information because you know your so-called foundation is nothing but a sham.

In view of this, I urge journalists and the local radio station that aired the interview to investigate the foundation of Dr Adeduntan. I equally implore the radio station to desist from serving as purveyor for projecting morally bankrupt individuals.

Even if Dr Adeduntan is engaging in this vicious attack for political appointment since he is now a politician; he should learn to consolidate his constituency rather than trying to denigrate it. You will definitely need it tomorrow.

Written by Dr Abel Makanjuola.
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