Korede Bello Professes His Undying Love to Wizkid’s Ex-Girl, Tania

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Korede Bello is really mastering his game as a handsome artiste whose songs are charming and soothing to his female fans. He has revealed that he is interested in Wizkid's ex-girl, Tania Omotayo's heart. Is this a joke? We will leave you to decide that.

Bello had made the love confession towards Tania appear like a joke though. Tania and Bello had hooked up in London and he had indicated his interest on her when he took to his Instagram page to tell her he loves her.

However, Tania asked him to tell the fans that he loves her in a short clip, where we had her saying, “tell them you love them”, Bello took the challenge and said "I love you Tania" in response.

Tania captioned the video "Snapchat chronicles from Mama Lee's Din... Hey koredebello LondonLife" We remembered how Wizkid ended his affair with Tania early this year when he confirmed it 'Drive-Time With Gbemi' show on theBeat 99.9 FM.He said, “My friend is fine. We're cool, we're cool. But I'm single now you know. Yeah, I'm single now. But it's all love. I got love for her. She's like my best friend anyways.”

It may be one of those jokes Bello give us to talk.