President Buhari Has Good Intention For Nigeria But…..

Bishop Leonard Umunna is the General Overseer of Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC) and king of African gospel music. He is one of the firebrand pastors in Nigeria whose views on national issues are highly respected in all climes.

In this interview with some trained journalists in Lagos, Bishop Umunna lent his voice on the need for President Muhammadu Buhari to reshuffle his cabinet, fulfill campaign promises, new album launch (Dominion) and amongst other issues in Nigeria.

What is the concept of this new album and why do you prefer to release it in this time of the year?

Thank you very much, my editors, the concept of this new album is”Dominion”.I have released over 40 albums into the market but, I can say here that the last three albums produced by me were marketable as a result of infused of professionalism to it. This time around, we put in quality voices, dancers and we have to blend with the 21stcentury production too.

Sir, why are you into gospel music now?
That is my calling! Precisely ,in 1985,the Lord appeared to me at my residence while in my study hours, suddenly my door opened, I saw a hand stretching towards me, then I was unconscious but from there, the Lord told me he had made me a preacher and singer. Even when I had bad voice, God made it possible for me to learn different musical instruments without formal training.

What is your assessment so far on President Buhari’s administration?

If you ask APC,they will tell you, they have technically defeated Boko Haram.APC has more propagandists and few capable hands in this present government while PDP had highly trained technocrats in government and many squanderers but great performances. The problem is that APC never thought of winning election and never prepared for power. Low leadership performance has greeted this present government. President Buhari must reshuffle his cabinet if he wants to fulfill his campaign promises to the people. The then President Goodluck Jonathan did very well to combat the Boko Haram menace but APC government failed to appreciate that move than casting aspersions on the former. To APC government, they have absolutely performed well but some independent evaluators had said both governments of Nigeria and South Africa are not working for the people.

What is responsible to this present government failure?

I will say here is, appreciation conscious, Buhari’s military background and party inability to speak with one voice. I could remember vividly when I told the former Lagos State Governor, Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu that he would win his second term and it came to pass. A letter of appreciation signed by then Lagos State Governor,Mr.Babatunde Fashola,as the then Chief of Staff to Senator Bola Tinubu.

I have never spoken out of context in my life as a servant of God. God has not told me about President Buhari’s leadership but I believe he has good intention for this country. Fighting corruption by President Buhari is good, strict measures must be put in place to deal with this epidemic not witch-hunting any political party or person in power. It is not a crime to compensate party faithful but competent hands must be involved in sensitive leadership positions not party patronage.

How can APC resolve this now?
Though, I ‘m not a politician but clergy that speaks the mind of God. The case of Senator Bukola Saraki, APC must settle their political scores now.APC has conglomerate of different political parties forming one party.Again,EFCC,ICPC and CCT must be independent in order to allow justice prevail in Nigeria. There is no way President Buhari can obliterate corruption in Nigeria except Jesus Christ comes.

It was Senator Bola Tinubu that made President Buhari,so there is need for this government to respect his views to the core. There is no way anybody can jettison Tinubu in this government. One of our former leaders once said stealing is not corruption but must be dealt with now.

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