Biafra Youth Spits Fire

By Biafra Nations Youth League

Following the recent publication by Vangaurd newspaper that Fulani herdsmen are regrouping to launch another attack on Enugu, Leader of Biafra Nations Youth League Prince Chimezie Obuka has warned that Biafra youth will pick up arms in self defense and would engage herdsmen bullet for bullet.

"We are not going to tolerate any further attack in Biafra, the fact that Enugu shares boundaries with them does not mean our land would be easily taken by the terrorists who now disguise as herdsmen"

"If they want fight, they should give notice of where they will storm, we are ready to exchange bullet for bullet and sword for sword, not going to kill armless villagers in the night"

Comrade Obuka further reacted to the recent statement by Governors from the north defending Fulani.

"We are not surprised that northern Governors are sponsoring attack on communities in Biafra, but they should be prepared because we will go to war, a time will come when we shall no longer rely on self defence, and that is when we shall arm Biafra youth to invade the north".

Security Wing of Biafra Nations Youth League engaged herdsmen at Umuchigbo Abakpa Nike, Enugu State that led to shutting down of schools, in retaliation to Uwani massacre, four herdsmen were killed in a battle that lasted for 3hrs.