The Clutched Sickening Nights

The clutched sickening nights
Performed surgeries on lights
Our pupils bleed with abscess
From the fake executive drugs

Our gums seek kernels to crack
Like crudely stitched foreheads
Our bleeding skulls they scored
For wild monkeys and baboons

The grains groan in grey gyres
Our ovaries vanish from ward
Our loins nurse vicious clouds
To commission wild highways

Our tabs tumble down tumbler
Like vibrant waves descending
Our lockers bearing dreadlocks
Grease gable grazing graveyard

Summon late-comers to the sea
Their heartbreak the seas to see
Within economic miscalculation
Our tears kiss the introvert skies

For dust we auctioned raw gold
For death we demonized births
Crippled economic terminology
Our breasts bleed for good luck

With life span in the frying pans
And tomorrow hired to sorrows
Let us reach our electoral peaks
To keep electoral sanitary flying


A year has overtaken us
In nutshell of deception
Wandering in the forest
Seeking bats in darkness

We cast away bright light
Seeking twinkling starlets
Darkening our road-maps
Down the brooding valley

Tears? No! Tears? Too late!
Currency lost its currencies
Virtue lost its transparency
Redundancy for abundance

Let us strike out this malady
And restore our ballot becks
People demonstrated power
The kinetic knells to anarchy
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