Corruption As A Family Inheritance

By Nelson Ekujumi

In Yorubaland, a common wish and area of pride by parents is that children should inherit the legacy of whatever is their occupation or trade and it was not uncommon to see them working assiduously to ensure that the template for its accomplishment was laid.

This was the period in which hardwork, character, trust and honesty were key values of society and people tried to live aboard which ensured societal peace and stability.

However and unfortunately, times have changed to one in which we have as a people lost our moral values which was the fabric of societal peace and morality and this is responsible for societal upheavals manifested in disorderliness, indiscipline and criminality ravaging our land today.

In keeping with this societal wish and desire by parents for their children, a disturbing pattern has emerged from our immediate past, as we are daily inundated with how public officials have bestowed the legacy of corruption and abuse of public trust to their children in alledged cases such as Musiliu Obanikoro and sons, Sule Lamido and sons, Diezani Madueke and son, Goodluck Jonathan and cousin, etc. What a shame and this is a disturbing trend that stands condemned in its entirety.

As for me and my house, just like I have inherited the qualities of honesty, integrity and hardwork from my parents, no matter the situation of the country, may the Almighty help me to bequeath such legacy to my children for the good of the society.

What do you want to bequeath to your children?
Nelson Ekujumi

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