Nigerian Lives Do Not Matter Ii


Did you see t he picture of Governor Ifeanyi   Ugwuanyi of Enugu State and President Muhammadu   Buhari ?

If you only see the picture your guess would be that the two leaders are celebrating a major national achievement. There is no evidence that they met because 50 citizens had just been slaughtered in cold b lood in their nation . The governor representing the grieving families looked nothing like anybody in mourning. He was clowning and laughing and behaving like a young woman who had just received marriage proposal from Mohammed Ali in his hey days or a footballer who scored the winning goal in the finals of a World Soccer championship game. The governor was delighted to have met King Muhammadu   Buhari . And the president himself was welcoming a conquering hero. Their body language belied the seriousness of what had happened at Uzo-Uwani , Enugu state , where family members are in deep agony trying to figure out the way forward after their losses of loved ones and The ir Provider s .

If the body language spoke of nothing what did the words say? Nothing! Yes Nothing. There was no communique issued saying what was discussed; what was promised and the way forward. PMB spokesman had earlier said that the Head of State had ordered the law enforcement officers to get to the bottom of the killings. That such an order needed to be issued is itself the illustration that Nigerian Lives do not matter. It ought to have been assumed that they are on trails of the killers . We know that a similar order was issued over a decade ago after the killing of Bola Ige , the Nigerian attorney general . A nd even now we do not have any conclusive evidence of what happened . We remember that after the floating bodies in Ezu River in Anambra state was “discovered” the NPF received that very same order and today the only person in custody is Mr. Nnamdi   Kanu for leading a peaceful demonstration.

After 300 school girls (or so,   we do not , even now , know for sure how many) were abducted from their high school and forgotten , many people concluded that Nigerian lives do not matter. Others came to the same conclusion after Agatu massacre. Or after the senseless killings in the Delta region by Nigerian soldiers during OBJ's administration .   S ome “knew” that there i s nothing to a Nigerian lif e following the military killing of Shiites on a peaceful procession, the arrests of the Awgu 76, the slaughter Biafran demonst rations in Onitsha, Aba, PH, etc. When Lagosians were killed in their villages , a few weeks ago in preparation for the Uzo-Uwani killings , nobody uttered a word because Nigerian lives have no value. It did not stop the trip by PMB to China. Just as the killings in Enugu state did not merit the cancellation of a book lunch by DSP Ekweremadu from Enugu state. What we see in all these examples is the story among the Igbo of a man whose house in burning and who was chasing rats fleeing from the combustion.

Or the Fiddler on the Roof.
What did Mr. Ugwuonye tell Enugu people on his return from Abuja? What plans has he , since his visit to the Promised Land that would ensure that Nkanu people will not be the next? The trail of the assassins is getting cold every day that passes .

Do the people of Enugu feel that the murderers in their mist are being hunted? Why is the state not in a lockdown? Are flags in Nigeria flying at half-mast? Are they flying so in Enugu State buildings? What are the signs that the state is in mourning? I am willing to bet five dollars that like Bola Ige , like the killers in Middle Belt, nobody would soon join Nnamdi   Kanu in detention. Nigerian law enforcement officers show their ability to solve crimes if the crime is a political speech or public announcements over Radio Biafra. Then we notice their agility.

Cry My Beloved Country. Your lives do not   matter.

Written by Benjamin Obiajulu   Aduba .

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