#OccupyNASS: We get N400,000 from sponsors to ask for Saraki's sack

Source: pointblanknews.com

The #OccupyNASS campaign group said it gets an average of N400, 000 daily, for  its campaign pushing for the sack of Senate President Bukola Saraki.

The group however denied the APC or President Muhammadu Buhari is behind the movement, but tagged those giving them noney “concerned Nigerians”

But sources who spoke with pointblanknews.com suggested the cash all came from agents of the APC and Buhari.

At a  press briefing Thursday night, the movement Bunmi Awoyemi, its convener, said ” “From day one, when Nigerians said they're interested in occupying the National Assembly, contributions started coming in. Nigerians started asking for the account of the movement,”

“Five thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand and even one million. A Nigerian, sitting amongst you today, donated ₦1 million to this protest. From U.S., from U.K., people were contributing to this movement. We were averaging ₦400,000 every day.”

“This is the first time in the history of Nigeria that Nigerians from all walks of life were able to galvanise each other to come to Abuja to shut down the National Assembly,” Mr. Awoyemi said. “We succeeded in sending a very strong message that Nigerians will no longer be taken for a ride.”

“As we have said since the beginning of this protest, it's not about Saraki. The aim of this protest is not to get Bukola Saraki to resign because he's a symptom of the entire rot in the legislature,” Mr. Awoyemi said. “The aim of this project is to achieve fundamental reforms.”

“The National Assembly was trying to amend the law in order to escape justice. Some of them even said making laws that will further balance gender issues will make women turn to prostitutes,” the group said.

The group also held the lawmakers responsible for the ongoing budget impasse between them and President Muhammadu Buhari.

“We know the president sent a terrible budget,” the group said, “but they (lawmakers) took this terrible budget, mutilated it, destroyed it, pounded it, separated it and pocketed it.”

The group listed areas it believed the protest had been “resoundingly successful”, and acknowledged its agitation was buoyed by the overwhelming support from Nigerians on the Internet.

“When the movement of OccupyNass started, there were issues that were related to the amendment of the Code of Conduct Bureau and Code of Conduct Tribunal Act and the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, it was when this movement took off that they took those controversial bills down.

“We succeeded in sending a very strong message that Nigerians will no longer be taken for a ride.

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