Destination of the Week---Cape Maclear


Cape Maclear is one of the many amazingly beautiful strips along the Southern shore of Lake Malawi in Malawi . It is a small fishing village located in Southern Region in Mangochi District. A look into some historical background, the Cape was discovered in 1859 by Dr David Livingstone, a Scottish missionary explorer who named it after his astronomer friend, Thomas Maclear.

Cape Maclear has over the years been a haven in improving the friable tourism industry and general economy of the landlocked African country of Malawi. As a result, there have been numerous efforts by the government and investors to surge ecotourism in the Cape, by endorsing the construction of recreation joints (bars and restaurants), guesthouses and lodges such as the Cape Mac Lodge & Froggies Restaurant or Mumbo Island. Popular with backpackers, the aurin sand belt is a top tourist destination on Lake Malawi. Visitors to the area engage in hyperactive activities including hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, diving and boat cruises.

Fly fishing is also common among the locals and trawler visitors cannot resist trawling in the vast freshwater body, known for its 500-1000 different fish species; most of them only found in Lake Malawi. Statistics show that 90% of these fishes belong to the family called “Cichlid”, including Mbuna, Mcheni, Utaka and many other kinds. It is believed that all the Cichlids originate from the same source, for about 2,000,000 years.

Cape Maclear is more than just beach and water. It is a bonus experience of the rich culture well preserved over the years. The spectacular view of ladies taking early morning swims in the turquoise water, others doing their laundry under the goldenrod sunrise is a supernova of emotions that will leave you urging to return to this quaint place. If you are the adventurous kind, a visit to the nearby Monkey Bay girdled by striking golden sand beaches is just the perfect getaway. It is home to a large monkey population and as a transit to Cape Maclear; Monkey Bay is referred to as the "best known resort-area" in Malawi.

The Cape is accessible by road from the capital Lilongwe or Blantyere and by boat from Likoma Island or Senga Bay. Guests can pre-arrange for airport transfers with their host hotels, or through their travel agent . Planning to visit Malawi? Cape Maclear is just the perfect place to firsthand enjoy the picturesque of the fairyland.