Photos of Tiwa Savage Mum Accused of Charming Teebillz

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Singer, tiwa Savage, was recently put on the blast by her husband Teebillz, about her way of life and things that have befallen his career which many are not aware of. Though he has come out to deny saying bad about his wife but like the popular saying “it's too late to cry when the head is cut off.”

Teebillz gave a vivid analysis of how his wife Tiwa Savage behaves at home as he alleges her of various crimes like infidelity to not being a caring and homely wife like other career women at home. After making all these accusation, he claimed on planning to take his life but for the intervention of some friends.

Well, what caught the attention of fans was the fact that he went as far as indicting his wife's mother by accusing her of coniving with her daughter Tiwa to use charm on him so as to divert his destiny for his wife success. (That seems to be cool though if true. That is love)

After the whole show of shame, Teebillz, had come out to deny ever saying such provocative things about his wife and mother stating that his account was hacked but what about the suicide mission he wanted to embark on or maybe he wanted to go and swim since the whether is too hot.

But looking at the pictures of Tiwa's mother, will she be capable of doing such thing considering how nice a mother she is and the love she has shown her daughter all through? Well, like Wale Adenuga will say through his soap, “with time an egg will walk.”

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